Calm The Fire: 72

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Orcs, dirty armoured with crude weapons had leapt over the wall and had commenced their attack. Running alongside Legolas, Náriel briefly watched Tauriel fight elsewhere. It was an easy transition to make between using a bow – which she had now reclaimed – and her sword.

Seeing as how a few Orcs were making their way to Tauriel both Legolas and Náriel drew an arrow and fired. The auburn haired Elf was not going to get hurt with either of them present.

Somehow the gate which had been shut was now opened and the barrels commenced their downstream journey. Dealing with the Orcs which were still around them Náriel quickly followed after Legolas as he jumped over the wall. Tauriel was also with them, as they ran they watched as Orc archers fired arrows at the barrels, trying desperately to shoot the cargo which they carried within them. Weaving through the branches any Orcs which were unfortunate enough to not have ran after the barrels got quickly shot down. Those which did run after the barrels got dealt with by others means by the Dwarves. They had managed to steal weapons off of their attackers and killed them with their own blades. Some even fell into the water from trying to over reach to grasp onto a barrel.

It was through some act of sheer oddity that Bombur found himself rolling along a branch and onto dry land. He laid for a few moments in the barrel. In his rolling journey he had managed to knock a few Orcs out of his path. Those which got knocked down either stayed down or lost their balance and fell into the churning clear water. Bombur's barrel hurtled over onto the other river bank. And it was there that Bombur came to a stop. He kicked the bottom of the barrel off, and stood up. The weapons which he still clasped in his hands propelled through the sides of the barrel and with odd agility – considering the predicament he was in – Bombur stood up to fight. Somehow with combined twirling and slashing motions, Bombur managed to deal with the Orcs which were surrounding him. When he had, the barrel he was in was rather demolished, running forwards he jumped from the steep river bank and landed into another barrel.

On the other side and a little behind the following Elves loosed arrows to deal with the confused Orcs. They were spoilt who to go for. The Dwarves or the Elves. In the end they seemed to manage to divide their attention between both.

Seeing as how there was no one attacking them at the moment the Dwarves had a rather peaceful moment of travelling down. Or at least two did until Legolas jumped down and stood on their heads. Dori and Dwalin groaned and shot him a look. Though the look was lost because Legolas promptly jumped off and managed to jump his way to the river bank.

Dwalin let out another annoyed noise when he realized there was another pair of legs on either side of him. He went to shout something up at the owner only to stop. “Sorry! I am so sorry, Dwalin!” Náriel exclaimed while managing to twist and shoot at any Orc which crossed her aim. “Where he goes, I am to follow.” She said while watching Legolas jump and cut his way through the Orcs before using the Dwarves as stepping stones again to reach the other side. While he was busy dealing and fending off one Orc, he was oblivious to Thorin throwing an axe at an Orc which was going to attack him from behind.

A small waterfall made all the barrels dip and for Náriel to yelp from the jolt. “Perhaps you should move?!” Dwalin shouted up at her.

“Perhaps that would be wise!” She smiled down and managed to skilfully step her feet around the rim of the barrel. “You never saw the use in my fancy footwork, here is where it comes in handy, Dwalin. Farewell for now!” She exclaimed and beamed at him while jumping over to another barrel. The occupant of which shot her a look. “Hello Ori!” He in return let out a startled noise just as Náriel moved on again. She looked over her shoulder at the sight of Legolas who had stopped on a cliff. He shouted something to her but she couldn't hear him. Cupping her hands to her mouth, Náriel inhaled deeply. “Na lû n'i a-goveninc! Goheno nin, Legolas!” She shouted, she could see he had heard her because he simply shook his head. Náriel looked out at him sadly. She didn't wish to leave this way and to leave him behind again. But she had to. Her loyalties were strong here. What loyalties did she have back at the palace? Her only loyalties laid with Legolas and he'd wish her to never leave Mirkwood again.

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