Last Sacrifice Chapter Eleven

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Okay chapter 11!! Enjoy!

Chapter 11-

Dimitri's POV-

I talked Lissa into coming to my room to talk things out with Rose. We're walking to my room and all I can do is hope she's not awake and if she is she didn't do any thing stupid. We are walking down the long hall and we finally get to my room I unlock the door and we all step in. The bed is a mess of wound up covers and the note on the floor. Rose no where.

"Um Dimitri?" I turn to face Lissa. "I don't think she's here."

"Well lets look."

I walk to my coffee table and see my log on screen up and a password still waiting to be put in. Then I walk to my closet to find a flannel shirt missing. my camera was laying on the floor by the bath room and I picked it up. I look to see a can of shaving cream by the toilet. I walk in and pick it up seeing her work of art on my mirror. 'I stole on of your shirts and you love me for it.' Then Rose had a heart and was written all fancy. God Rose! I went back in the main room tossing the camera on the table letting out a annoyed sigh. Christian picked it up and turned it on looking though the pictures.

"Um Dimitri you sure do pick the wild ones don't you?"

He laughed and Lissa grabbed the camera out of his hand. She gasped and tossed it to me. I looked though the pictures most were with her piece of art but eh others were well wild. I would have sit there and smiled laughing at them and how hot she looked but this wasn't the time. Rose was running around with just a flannel on and with her hair in pig-tails.

"Okay we have to find her and now."

Rose's POV-

I got Adrian to come with me telling him it was his fault in the first place and ran to Christian's room. I knocked on the door no one answers and I knock harder until my knuckles hurt. Still no answer. I grab his hand and drag him to Dimitri's room. I figure he has to be back by now but if Dimitri is half as mad about the bruise thing that Lissa is then I may have a fight to break up. Because I don't have to knock on his door I just put my key in the door. Yes he gave me a key that's how committed we are. I open the door to a shocked Dimitri looking at a camera. Ha he seen my pictures. Then I see Lissa and Christian laughing and Lissa shaking her head in disapproval. No one heard me come in and with 3 people who all had Adrian in the same room I motioned him to back up a little out of there line of vision. I leaned on the door frame and smirked.

"So I'm guessing y'all seen my photos. I think they're art. You?"

All their heads snap up to the door and Lissa looks worried Christian is still laughing and well Dimitri is looking all dreamy. More then likely because I'm only wearing one of his flannels and a pair of flip flops.

"Rose!? I was so worried about you! Were have you been missy!?"

Dimitri was about to get up and cross the room to me and I motioned him to sit down.

"Now see I would tell you but I can't."

"Why?" Christian finally stopped laughing and decided to talk.

"Because you may kill me or even the thing I seen."

"Why?" Lissa followed up.

"Oh my god what is it 20 questions!?" I was avoiding the subject but I knew I wasn't going to be able to for long.

"Rosemarie Hathaway! Where were you!?" Dimitri looked mad worried and sad at the same time so I had to tell him.

"Fine god okay I'll tell you. By the way you ever call me that again I will have your man hood."

I motion Adrian in as I walked in. Dimitri was suddenly up and had me behind me. Lissa I knew was mad with out having to look. And then Christian really didn't know anything so he was confused.

"Stop guys we had a truce okay will you leave him alone!?"

"Why should we not guard you Rose he hurt you?"

Dimitri was still guarding me but looking into my eyes.

"Dimitri I know right now you think he's the worst person alive but right now I need you all to listen to him. He brought up something and I know is ture and you need to hear his theory or else you will lose me forever."

Dimitri backed off and motioned him to sit down. He sit down in a arm chair across from Lissa and Christian and beside me and Dimitri.

"So Rose first you need to settle this Lissa thing."

"Christian I know okay. Lissa I'm sorry I don't hate you and I don't want you to hate me. Are we good because I mean everything will make sense here in a second?"

She nodded and I motioned for Adrian to start but he wanted me to.

"Okay so remember the charms I'm suppose to wear to make sure I don't catch Lissa's crazy?"

They all nodded so I went on.

"Well in the dream last night I was not only thinking about everything else that happened but when you used compulsion and I felt really mad so then I was thinking about it and I just said it. I didn't mean it and I didn't understand why I was mad and stuff. Well when I went over to Adrians to sort stuff out he was really normal for lack of a better word and he was telling me why and he said something about my aura..."

I motioned to Adrian.

"I think your doing great Rose. I mean I'm public enemy number one here I'll just shut up."

"No go on tell them."

"Okay so when she came I noticed that behind all the black surrounding her there was confusion shock whatever. So I blew off the black because I thought you had her taking the charms. Well she showed me her hand and she's not wearing the charm. There for she is catching the crazy and that's why she was mad a t you Lissa. Am i done?"

"Yes and me and Adrian talked it out and we worked it out so you can stop being mad at him."

"Okay whatever sorry but I hold on to it when someone bruises someone I love. So Adrian leave now!"

Dimitri yelled so loud and I cringed as Adrian ran out the door. Lissa hugged me crying and I couldn't help but cry to. The bad part was I knew soon I was going to die because of a crime I didn't commit unless I did something about it.

Dimitri POV-

They hugged and I was so happy for Rose but I wasn't going to let her get killed over something she didn't do. I had to fix this I had to take that note and do something about it. I had to get this guy and get Rose out.

Author Note/

Okay hoped you loved it!! Sorry it took me so long to update. And Adrian will be brought up more. Promise. Well um yup




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