chapter 4

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Rosie pov:-

Soon after my husband went outside, four maids came inside the chambers to ready me up. Nobody spoke a word to except the greetings. They took me to the bathing chambers to Clean up first. Inside the bathing chambers was a large pool with a fountain at the ending corner. Shelves and racks were present with towels and toileterirs inside. I stripped out of my wedding dress and slowly made my was towards the pool.

The water was warm not too hot nor too cold but at the correct temperature. The water was chest deep for me in the center so I moved to the left side which had rock steps to sit on. I sat on the second rock playing with the water. I shrieked as the maids came inside the chamber as i was sitting naked. They gave no heed to my nakedness as one of them poured some herb water in the pool and another one went to arrange the dress they bought for me and the other two came towards me.

After an hour or two I was cleaned, groomed and ready. My long brown hair was tied in a loose side plait and I wore a dark green gown. The maids left after they were done with their work that was getting me ready not that I wanted their help but being the wife of the king I was obligated to certain things.

So here I sat near the window watching the endless forest waiting for my husband to come. I had no idea what I should do or what I'm a doing. It is still like a dream to me that I'm married to the werewolf king and he is not a human but I am. He is hundred times powerful than me. And of all the questions the biggest is why would he marry me? When he could marry the princess. Why did he come to my house that day? What is the use of getting married to me? Im not as beautiful as the princess or can give him any wealth. Why the---

The sound of the door opening interrupted my thoughts. I turned towards the door to see my husband coming inside with two maids following behind holding trays of food with them. They set the food on the bed and quickly excused themselves.

"Come here", my husband called me sitting on his side of bed. I slowly got up and walked towards the bed keeping my eyes on the food only. I sat on my side.

"Did I give you permission to sit", he asked rudely raising his eyebrow at me I quickly stood up not to make him angry.

"Come near me",he ordered again. I went near him but kept my distance away from him.

"I will not repeat again, come near me ", he said his voice raising as his eyes visibly turned darker. I went near him and stood very close to him. With one pull I was sitting on his lap sideways, his head near my neck sniffing there. My heart beat picked up its pace and all familiar knot in my stomach.

"You test my patience, my little wife", he murmured nibbling on my neck. I clutched my gown tightly as his action send pleasure to my body. His arms snake around my waist turning me towards him. My legs go either side of his body as I sit on him in a straddling position. My cheeks starts to heat up at our intimate position. I look down at my hands.

"Eat your food", he keeps the plate on his stomach before me. I looked at him amused, a small smile broke on my face as i looked at him. Realizing that I was hungry and its been two days since I ate, I started eating without a concern my husband was watching me eat like a caveman but I tried trying to eat slowly as possible but of course it was impossible.

After ten minutes or so I finished my plate hesitatetly I looked up at him to see his grey eyes were already me. It seemed like he was in deep thought. I cleared my throat to break his thoughts. His hold on me tightened pulling me closer to him. His hot breathe fanned my face. He opened his mouth to say something but got interrupted by the knock on the door.

"Who is it", he barked angrily at the person other side of the door. His eyes were pitch black now. I gasped as he pushed me on the bed and walked towards the door with a murderous look on his face. I have never seen people look so angry ever. People back in my place were very kind and never got angry for these small things.
Now I felt very bad for the person other side of the door.

"Al.. alpha, the ce.. ceremony started an..and the elders are calling for alpha", a scared voice strutted .

"Say them we will be shortly there", my husband said and slammed the door shut.

He went inside the other door which I didn't get to see what it is. I was still in the same position. I got down from the bed and stood near it, waiting for him. Soon after he returned with a small box and knife. He kept the knife on the side table and came towards me. He opened the box, inside the box was a beautiful ring. The ring was made up of different colors stone, it was big and majestic.

He took my hand in his and slide the ring in my center finger and admired it for few seconds. As majestic it looked it was also so heavy. He left my hand and went to bring the knife.

" Now we are going to the ceremony, stay with me all the time and do everything I say if not you'll be punished, understand", I nodded my head in positive, I gulped hearing the word punishment, they are werewolf so the punishment will be as ruthless as them.

"What is the ceremony for?", I blurted out without even thinking twice. His face showed how much amusing my question was to him.

"This is our wedding ceremony but in my custom, we do it differently not like humans", he smirked as he stated.

"How different", he chuckled at me and came towards me. He snaked his arms around me and pulled me closer to him as humanly as possible.

"In yours you have kiss to seal the promise but here", he leaned more closer and whispered in his husky voice

"I will have to bite you to seal the promise, my dear little rose".


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