Chapter 12 The parade

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I stretch my arms out with a youn . The smell of oats and berries came out of know where. I rolled over and end up face down in oatmeal and milk. I sat up straight away with eyes closed and arms out stretched looking for something that I could wipe my face with . There was a laugh and a towel was put in my hand .

"Miss are you ok?"

I wiped my face off and said with a laugh, "Was that your way of getting me up Beth? Why was the oatmeal so close to me?"

Beth smiled, "I am sorry, I shouldn't put the food so close to your bed next time."

We both laughed and she helped me into my robe and then sat me down in front if a mirror and started to brush my hair .

I sat there and ate yogurt and berries that wasn't touched my by face or hair. After a minute of brushing Beth stopped and said, "I am sorry Miss, but your hair it knotted in the back with oatmeal and will be needing to be washed out . Can you please have a shower."

I took another spoonful of yogurt and then got up and went into the bathroom.

About 20 minutes later and a lot of condenser I walked out in my robe for Beth to do my hair and make up for the paraded. There was two other girls chatting with Beth when I walked out. They both smiled at me and then I sat down.

Beth smiled and said, "Miss, this is Ann and Arabella. They will help with make up and clothing. Lady Brie sent them."

I nodded and closed my eyes so I didn't see what they were doing to me and I wanted to be surprised to. Arabella was chatty but Ann kept to herself the whole time.

Arabella explained to me what she was doing and why they picked the dress that I was wearing for the paraded . "Well we were going to go with a city valley dress Miss , but then Brie saw this dress and thought you would look beautiful in it . We have heard you like simple make up and hair . So we are just going with a natural look."

I smiled and said, "Thank you ."

The girls covered the mirror and then got me to follow them to where I could lose the robe and put the dress on. The free standing mirror where I could see myself was covered as well. As the girls were finishing up the back of the dress Brie walked in and gasped with delight . "Oh my Bella , your going to out shine all of us. I am glad your in the middle of the paraded so everyone can see you. I was totally right girls, that dress is so right for her ." The girls nodded around me .

Well I believed Brie but I wanted to see for myself , Beth must of knew what I was thinking.

She came in front of me and said as she put a hand to the sheet that was covering the mirror , "Are you ready Miss?"

I nodded and she pulled back the cover.


Grace was up early and had my strong coffee and toast on the table by the fireplace when I woke up. I ate in the darkest and then dressed in a simple royal blue dress that went past my feet. Grace had my hooded cape warming by the fire and with my mittens and scarf .

I braided my hair for the ride and then put my cape on. I did enjoy coming into this world. Because my hair was a lot longer and I seemed not to age as fast here and I enjoy that .

As I walked outside and Grace had my horse ready and standing outside of the door for me. I patted my dear friend and then jumped up and turned my horse around to face the beautiful view of the Centaur  valley . I lifted my hood over my head and then turned my horse towards the stone path leading down to the paths that would lead me to the Wooden valley. I kept my horse at a walk as I lead her through the trees and woods.

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