(12) Broken Angel

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Angelo was laying motionless on the cold, tiled ground. Because of his strange breathing pattern, I could not tell if he was alive or not.

"Angelo, please come back to me." I whispered, a few tears running down my cheeks.

I bent down and kissed his lips. They were stone cold. I let a few more tears go.

"How dare you leave me now." I whispered, weeping quietly.

I had no idea what to do, so I prayed.

"Dear God, I know that you exist, you've given me more than enough proof but I need your help again. I love Angelo as much as I possibly could do and if he dies, I die. Please make him better."

Then I decided to see if I can speak to Arcanxo. "Arcanxo." I said bowing. "I need your help. I love Angelo but he is dying... Please help me."

I sobbed and screamed out for help. I just wanted someone to make things right again. Even if I couldn't be in his life, I wanted to know he was safe.

I heard a noise from the back of the church and I secretly prayed that it was not another daemon. Suddenly, the whole church lit up. Candles blew out, statues fell to the ground and smashed and the heavy doors of the church opened and closed making a loud banging noise.

Scared, I held onto Angelo even tighter. I pulled his head close to my chest to shield him just in case something wanted to harm him or take him away from me.

This glow started to come closer and I automatically held onto Angelo tighter.

"Do not be afraid, it is just me, Arcanxo."

I let out a sigh of relief and bowed my head. "Arcanxo." I said to greet him.

"That daemon was so close to finishing him off, well done, you saved him my dear!" Laughed Arcanxo softly.

"So, he's not dead?" I asked, hope thick in my voice.

He looked at Angelo. "He isn't right now but we need to get to work otherwise he will not live. He doesn't have long."

I did as Arcanxo said, held onto Angelo's hand and chanted a prayer for him. I then poured a blue liquid into his mouth.

There was a small baptism basin and Arcanxo told me to wash his shoulder wound with the holy water inside.

We helped him over to it and I tore a bit of my wedding dress and soaked it in the holy water. I then started dabbing it on his wound. I was lucky I wasn't afraid of blood because there was a hell of a lot of it.

After cleaning the wound, Arcanxo put his hands on Angelo's torso and I had to repeat the prayer.

At the end, I planted a small kiss of his soft lips.

Suddenly, Angelo's eyes shot open and he looked directly in mine. I smiled at him and took him in my arms.

"You gave me such a scare." I said, crying with happiness and relief.

He slid his arms around me. "You saved me." He whispered. I smiled even more and kissed his chest. His body rippled underneath my lips so I kissed him more.

"I need to go now, goodbye my children." Arcanxo said, before flying off.

When he was gone, I got up and held out my hand for Angelo. He took my hand and stood up, kissing it when he was fully stood up.

"Thank you Grace, you really are the bravest woman I have ever seen or met. I owe you everything I have."

I just laughed and shook my head. "You saved me again so we're even!" I smiled.

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