39. His Worthiness

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Chapter dedicated to Alexandra2332. Thanks for reading and providing the saucy comment! I got quite a chuckle. LOL

Chapter 39—His Worthiness


I still couldn't wrap my head around it—tomorrow I would be in heat.

The concept was impossible. Unfathomable, even.

Before Leander captured me several weeks ago, I never thought I'd consider the remotest possibility of mating with him.

I hated him.

How foolish I'd been...

I'd had no idea just how confounding the mate bond was, turning my thoughts from utter loathing to a feeling dangerously close to love. It scared the hell out of me.

And now...here we were.

As the day drew near, Leander gave up all of his administrative Alpha tasks, his Wolf not allowing me out of their sight even for a moment. Hell, getting him to agree to bathroom privacy had been a full-blown argument.

But I'd put my foot down. I did not need Leander hovering over me while taking a shit. Just the thought made me cringe with embarrassment. And it wasn't like I was going to magically 'poof and disappear' once the bathroom door closed.

Even now, Leander's darkened gaze shifted frequently between him and his Wolf as he sat in a nearby chair, watching me intently while I got ready. Lips turned down into a frown, he muttered, "I don't know why we have to go out. Wouldn't it be better just to hang out here?"

Sitting at the edge of the bed, I pulled on my combat boots and sighed. "Leander, I don't want to just sit in our bedroom. We stayed in for the past two days. A bit of fresh air would do us both good."

Cerulean eyes darkened. A muscle in his jaw twitched. He remained silent, unmoving.

I stood to my feet and took a step toward the door. "If you want to stay here, fine, but I'm going—"

"You smell too good," he interrupted, his voice hard.

As if that thoroughly explained everything.

I stopped and stared at him. "What in the world are you talking about?"

He joined me on his feet and strode right into my personal space. He looked shockingly sinful in dark jeans slung low on his trim waist, accentuating his thick and powerful thighs. A black henley pulled across his chest, revealing the ridges of his pectoral muscles and rock hard abs.

My Wolf gave a predatory lick of her lips as she took in his exceptional physique. Her thoughts were clear. She'd have her tongue on him soon.

Leander's head came down, nose skimming my neck.

I shivered at his closeness.

He inhaled deeply. "Your scent is changing...the closer you get. It's driving me crazy." Tongue flickering out to trail along my collarbone, he groaned, "Fuck. You taste even better than you smell."

Biting back a whimper, I took a deep breath to steady myself. For a moment, I considered fighting fire with fire. Maybe if I rubbed my breasts against Leander's chest, I could use my sexuality to persuade him to get what I wanted.

Yeah, definitely do that. My Wolf snickered in the back of my mind.

Her response caught my attention. She'd been pushing for weeks to get ass-up beneath our mate. Quickly, I realized her sarcasm was on point. It hadn't missed my attention that Leander's cock remained hard for almost all of the past two days. Throwing a spark on his pent-up sexual desire would not result in our leaving this room. No. The outcome would be just the opposite—me on my back with my legs wrapped around his waist, and him doing deliciously wicked things to my body.

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