Medications & Anatomy

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Medications and anatomy. Anatomy is a key part to an au with different species or just some extra content to immerse yourself in the world you wish to know. I will be explaining the basic anatomy (staying in the terms Wattpad has) and some medications you can commonly see and even uncommonly see. I will also include a few medications that I made in my long since deleted tiny guide!


Anatomy of the omegaverse, depending on which ark you choose like a hybrid, werewolf, or even just normal human, will contain some major differences to ours.

Knot: This is found in alphas and is the primary way To mate with omegas. The knot is essentially a bundle of muscles that expand/inflate when the alpha is about to climax. The knot also ties them and their mate for a short or long time until it goes down enough to be removed. Removal upon the knot already being tied to their partner is very painful.

Omega Anatomy: The usual penis and testi's if the male, but this part cannot make a fellow omega or female mate catch as the semen is infertile or has very low fertility. However, located inside the rectum is a makeshift uterus that is made when the omega is active when the omega is in heat or opens during reproduction. Now to avoid complications with the rectums basic functions and the organ that shares it. A valve is located at the entrance of where the male omegas uterus is. This valve is open during sex and is closed when there isn't a need for it to be open.

Scent glands: Scent glands are found in every person in the omegaverse. In alphas and omegas there are more of them in clusters and slightly bigger then betas, deltas, and gammas. This is due to and in part that their scents usually are used to attract a compatible mate/partner. An A/B/O's scent is unique to that person alone and not one is similar in scent or taste (more on that further on). When alphas have ruts or an omega having a heat, these glands go into overdrive to produce a strong scent that can flood a room in a matter of moments.

Slick Glands: Slick, as explained a while back, is a lubricant that omegas are capable of producing to make sex easier. These glands are found within the rectum and the uterus of omegas. These glands produce slick when an omega is in heat, allowing for sex to be easier and less painful. This also makes it so when the knot is pushed into the omega that there is little to resistance and pain.  Some writers like to include an additional detail to slick, such as taste. This can vary from a being labeled as sweet or tasting like the omega's scent.

Tail and ear Anatomy: Now if you choose to do a hybrid rout with your omegaverse book you will notice that their are two additions to the human anatomy. One being the ears and the other being the tail. We will cover the tail first as most people are wondering how that works since the tail sprouts from where the anus and anal cavity is located.

Tail: The tail in hybrids is attached and sprouts out from the region of which the tailbone is located on the human skeleton right above the anus of the person. It is comprised of bone and muscle allowing for the tail to move and function, however with bird hybrids it only goes out by a few vertebrae and does not move much. In lizards or certain aquatic hybrids the tail is highly flexible and with lizards can be essentially used as a third arm or leg (however to do so the user has to work their tail enough to acquire the muscles required to support the person weight.)

Ears: How the hybrid ears work is similar to the animals of our world. They are made of cartilage like any other ear. The difference is the vestigial (fancy word for stuff leftover from evolution) muscles. These muscles depending on the species can be more developed or less so. These muscles in some hybrids are important as they are what allow the ears to move to pick up sound, others it's just leftover traits. Now how a hybrid can hear is similar to how most ears of a dog or cat (using these as references) work. The ear canal is similar to a humans but instead of going straight it goes up and and down into the eardrum.

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