Chapter 38: Sweet & Sour

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"Why are you being such a dick?" You asked crossing your arms while leaning at the chair near you "We just gave our attention to Koro-Sensei and here you are being such a huge ass dick."

  "What she said!" Everyone said with a pissed off look.

Terasaka had entered inside the room and started insulting Koro-Sensei for no reason and even threw some random gas. Hearing his awful words hit a nerve "Why do you care, huh?! Do you want me to punch you---" Terasaka's words were cut off with Karma grabbing his face and forcefully let out a smirk.

  "Listen here punk, do it before you speak. You're flipping the tables here, and asking my girlfriend into a fight? My, my, aren't you a huge coward." Karma said with a harsh tone.

  Terasaka pushed Karma's hand away and stormed out of the classroom "What's his deal?" Nakamura asked, walking over to you with a confuse look.

  "I don't know, but he's being A HUGE DICK!" You yelled making sure he heard it on his way out "Fvcking asshole." You mumbled. you walked over to Karma and touched his face.

  "Are you okay?" You asked, Karma grinned and leaned closer to your face "I hurt my cheek a little just by grabbing that asshole. Can you kiss it?" Karma smirked.

  "WOOT WOOT!" Maehara yelled, making the whole class cheer and chant the word " KISS " making your face bomb a huge blush that reached your ears.

  "Don't talk shit Karma, I saw what happened with my own two eyes." You chuckled and pecked his cheek either way. Karma's eyes widen in shock, he was expecting you to push his face away, but instead you gave him a kiss turning him on.

  You sat on your seat and avoided Karma's glances, hoping that he'll look away and forget the peck you him. You felt a breath in your ear making you flinch and ran over to a corner "CAN WE START CLASS NOW?" You called out with a embarrassed tone.

  Koro-Sensei was writing in his love gossip notebook while your classmates shook there head, ordering the both of you and Karma to continue. "Fuck off and start the lesson already."

  The class laughed at your embarrassed face, pissing you off even more.

  Class ended quite fast. You yawned feeling exhausted from all the the chaos that Karma bought to you, he pranked you multiple times, knowing that you're a hot headed person he still decided to piss you off. 

  You had the key to Karma's house, so you decided to head there and pull a prank on him. You left Karma in detention for a while because you wanted to get your little revenge.

  Like a normal prank, you just need to pour flour at him. You had the flour in your hands while texting your boyfriend that you're in his house.

  After a few more minutes you heard the door being opened "(Nickname), I'm home-" Karma's word were cut off by you throwing the bag off flour in your face "oof!" You started laughing your ass off while looking at his shock face.

  "Oh, I see your little revenge." Karma laughed throwing his bag at the sides running over to you and hugging you, letting you lose your balance. You fell on the floor with Karma on the top of you "OH GOD-" You words were cut off by flour falling in your face from Karma's hair.

  Karma sat on your stomach with a smirk "Oh, wow. Babe you're so damn light. What have you been eating- AGH!" You almost screamed in pain because of Karma getting heavier in your stomach. You started hitting his chest and started laughing "K-Karma! G-Get off!!" You begged while laughing.

  "Say that you love me and will never do this again." Karma said with a grin getting heavier each time you laugh.

  "I-I c-can't take Y-You s-seriously if you have a f-flour in y-your face!" You laughed and tried pushing him but no valid.

  Karma rolled his eyes taking off his black grazer and wiping his face on the back of it. "Much b-better." You said calming yourself down and started giggling.

  "Now, say it~" Karma cooed in your ear making you flinch but it never made your giggling stop. He lightened up his body in your stomach making you breath and giggle much clearer.

  "I love you, I'm your property and you're mine. And I promise to my boyfriend that I will never get revenge on him again." You giggled sitting up too giving him a peck on the lips.

  Karma smirked "Oh, I see." Karma laughed and hugged you making you laugh even more "My stomach hurts! I need to use the bathroom Karma--WAHAHAHAHA!" You laughed out loud feeling his fingers tickle your sides.

  "K-KARMA! I-IF YOU WON'T S-STOP I-I'LL NEVER KISS Y-YOU AGAIN!" You said between laughs, already pissed off.

  Karma stopped and grinned standing up "Okay, I'll stop. But you need to kiss me to prove that you're not mad at me." Karma said.

  You stood up having small giggles escape your mouth every few seconds. You leaned in Karma's cheek, Karma turned his head making you kiss his lips instead, you stumbled back "DAMN MAN." You said walking backwards in the kitchen.

  "Baby!~ it's only a kiss~" Karma laughed walking inside the kitchen with you.


"Karma, I'm hungry. Cook for me." You ordered slamming the table repeatedly with your bare hands.

  "Eat me instead."


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