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I tucked Kairi in her bed and placed stuffed animals around her to make sure she wouldn't flip out the bed cause she was a wild sleeper like her dad. My phone begin to ring and it was Ayana.


"Hey, I was just calling to tell you I just got to my room."

"Oh your here, how was the flight?"

"It was pretty long, I might take a nap before I plan on doing anything. Are you busy later?"

"Yeah, well... no."

She giggled. "Yes or no David."

"No, why? You miss me already."

She sucked her teeth and I laughed while I walked around trying to find something to do.

"You talked so of showing me around Harlem so since I have some free time."

I hesitated because I didn't mind taking her around and I promised her I would, but I didn't know Tasha ass was going to drop Kairi on me today, and usually when its me and my baby, we chill at home, watch tv or I take her out to kid friendly places. I also didn't tell Ayana about Kairi, not because I didn't want to. But because I didn't know what she would think of me or would she act funny towards me. When most females see a nigga with a baby they think stranger danger, baby mama drama, or anything of that sort. After Tasha had Kairi we cut things loose because she had her reasons and I had mine. During the pregnancy things were a little shaky and I saw it coming.

"Let's see, it's noon now. I- I don't see why not. But you have to come to me and this'll be the only time this ever happens. I'll send you my address, is that okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine."

"Alright, Ima send it now."

"Okay see you soon bye.

"Bye." I hung up and looked around the house to see if it was presentable. I threw all my food out since I knew I would be gone for a month and that reminded me I needed to go grocery shopping so I might needed to do that today.



"Thank you." I smiled at the driver and stepped out looking up at the tall building. I pulled out my phone and texted Dave I was here and he said he'll buzz me in. I stood at the door and it buzzed showing a green light signaling it was opened. I remember him telling me he was on the 10th floor and that was pretty far up there. I found the nearest elevator and stepped inside pressing the number 10 waiting for it to take me up.

Once to his door I knocked and I heard little talking and he swung open the door. "Hey, come inside."

"Hey." I slowly walked in watching my surroundings and looking around the place not that I didn't trust him but I was in a new area I never been before.

"I can take your coat if you want."

"Yeah sure, thanks." I took off my coat and handed it to him and he placed it on a coat hanger near the door. "Its nice here."

"The area or my place?"

"Both." I looked back at him and began to walk towards the large window that showed the area and it was even more prettier then what I've seen so far. "Oh wow, you got quite the view huh?"

"Yeah, I love it here."

It's been a 30 minutes since I been here and he wasn't making no effort in moving to put on clothes so wassup. "Are we going to le-"

I stopped talking when I heard something moving around in the kitchen but he was right here so what the hell was that. I hope bruh don't have ghosts or dogs or cats cause I don't fuck with neither one. I looked behind me and he looked to when I saw a baby. I jerked my head and Dave chuckled and got up from the couch beside me.

"Hey mama, you finally up."

"I want eat."

"Your hungry?" He sighed and scratched his head. "Alright, daddy have to run to the store to get something."

Daddy?  I blinked my eyes cause maybe I was hearing and seeing the wrong things but I wasn't. He has a baby, he's a father and it's a baby in his arms right now. How come he never told me, this explains a lot. This is why he was so mature, and always so serious and wasn't about no games. I mean yeah he's 29 but he had reasons to not be out here in these streets acting crazy, he had a daughter to take care of.

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