i waited for him to exit my room before grabbing his hand and leading him downstairs, motioning for him to be as quiet as possible. he simply laced his fingers with mine in response.

"what do you feel like eating?" i asked as soon as we got to the kitchen.

"i'll eat anything really," he tapped his stomach. "this guy isn't picky."

i chuckled and nodded, grabbing some eggs and bacon. "this will do then."

he sat down on one of the stools, watching me cook. he would barely say anything, except for asking me if i needed any help, to which my answer always would be no, because he was the guest.

we then ate our breakfast, chattering about small things, like school and our life before we knew each other. he thought it was very cool that i got to live in so many different places and experience so many different cultures, and i agreed with him. though it also had its downsides.

"do you miss the people you met along the way?" he asked as he ate.

"sometimes," i shrugged. it really depended on which people we were talking about. "not every place has people who are friendly to foreigners, you know?"

he nodded. "yeah, i guess i do."

"actually, now that i think about it, i thought korea would be the same, considering how the first person i met talked to me the first time," i narrowed my eyes at him.

"sorry," he apologized, laughing. "i was just having a bad day, i guess."

"it's no problem, really," i stuffed my mouth with some more eggs. "as long as you don't go back to it."

"we'll see," he winked playfully.

we finished our breakfast and he helped me do the dishes. i decided to grab a glass of orange juice and set it on my mom's bedside table, so she could get some vitamins when she woke up.

i also stopped by my room to grab the english textbook, walking back downstairs to meet taehyung.

"you do realize it's saturday, right?" i waved the textbook at him. he groaned.

"do we have to?" i immediately nodded.

"yes," i handed him the textbook. "i don't want you to screw your final and my extra credit."

"i thought you said you were going to talk to ms jung to end that last time we spoke."

"yes but i didn't have the chance to see her so i never did," i shrugged, walking towards the living room table.

"wait," he spoke up, walking towards me. "if we really need to do it, i know a place where it'll be nicer."

"where?" i arched my eyebrow.

"you'll see."


i sat down on top of the blanket taehyung had just laid on the floor. in the matter of twenty minutes, he had managed to call one of his maids to deliver it as well as a basket full of fruit and chocolate to the park which was a few minutes walking from both of our houses.

"this is really pretty, i hadn't had the chance of coming here yet," i spoke as i looked around. we were sitting right next to a river, in a more secluded area. there was a light breeze and the sun was shining; it was a perfect day to be outside.

"i thought you'd like it," he spoke as he opened the textbook, lying down next to me. "and it'd be a much nicer place to be stuck learning english in."

i chuckled and rolled my eyes. i decided to also lie back down, teaching him some vocabulary. and because there was no better way to learn how to speak english, i made him talk to me in english about random things.

"what's your biggest dream?" i asked. he thought for a second.

"to be happy," he simply responded, and i didn't know if it was because of him not finding words to say anything else, or because it really was his dream. "what's yours?"

"i want to make a difference in the world," i spoke, tapping my fingers against my chin. "i'd also like to be an engineer someday. or maybe an architect. i've been considering both lately."

"really?" he looked at me, his eyes focusing on my features. "i think you would be great at both."

i blushed slightly. ever since he had apologized the night before, he seemed to keep complimenting me. i almost didn't recognize him.

"you're very driven," he suddenly switched back to korean, probably so he would be able to speak more easily. "and i don't think i have ever met someone so stubborn and hard working. and you don't give up. and i know how smart you are, and how easily people listen to you. and you're also very creative. eithe profession would suit you just fine."

i was taken aback by his words. as much as i had heard him compliment me, i didn't think he'd go on a full on rant about what he thought of me. my heart beat loudly against my chest and i hid my face in my hands to cover my blush.

"stop," i whined.

"why?" i could hear the smile on his lips as he spoke. "don't you like compliments?"

"i do but, this is embarrassing."

"you shouldn't be embarrassed of being that good."

i hit his arm playfully. "there you go again," i huffed, scooting closer to him as i laid my chin on his chest, looking up at him. "you can't be saying those things, i forbid it."

"why? what's so wrong?"

"is this how you make girls fall in love with you?" i arched my eyebrow.

"no," he shook his head. "i don't just compliment someone. they need to deserve it."

the more he spoke, the more i blushed. he's making me feel things.

"well i think your dream is a good one too," i decided to change the subject. "i mean, it's simple, but at the same time it's something thay could require a lot."

"you know, i don't think i've ever been truly, completely happy," he admitted. "there has always been something holding me back."

"i hope someday it's not like that," i spoke truthfully.

he looked into my eyes and opened his mouth as if he was about to say something. however, his phone started ringing and he slipped it out of his pocket.

seeing the caller id aggravated him, as he suddenly sat up, making me do the same. he picked up the call and put his phone to his ear.

"yes?" he answered, his expression changing from preoccupied to one of absolute shock. "i'll be right there," he got up, looking at me.

"i'm sorry i have to go," he spoke, grabbing his jacket.

"wait, is everything alright?" i lifted my eyebrows and eyed him, putting my hand on his shoulder.

his eyes watered slightly. i felt my breath getting caught up in my throat.

"it's my mom... she's in the hospital and i have to go," i quickly grabbed my jacket as well.

"i'm coming with you," i spoke.

"no you don't have to--"

"let's go," i said once more, grabbing his hand as we walked to his car, his whole body shaking with each step.

we quickly got in the car and he struggled to even put the keys in the ignition. i quickly grabbed his shaky hand and put my hand on his cheek.

"i'm here for you, kim taehyung, it's going to be alright," i promised him.

he nodded and finally started the car, driving off towards the hospital.

i looked at him and sighed.

i don't think i'll ever be able to let you go now.


author's note:

sorry for the lack of an update yesterday, it was truly a busy day for me to be able to write. anyway, here's a sort of long chapter for all of you!

i hope you enjoyed this chapter and i hope you don't get too mad over this last cliffhanger. thank you so much for all the love! x

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