~*Chapter 17*~

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Andy's POV

8 Years Ago

"Andy, this is so cool!" Gem shouted at me, smiling her big smile.

In her hands, she held the present I'd given her for her seventh birthday, a necklace. With it's silver chain, and cyan Heart of Atlantis, encased in a silver protection shaped in a heart. In her hands, it glowed, making her hands blue.

I clasped it around her neck, and at the time it was too big for her, but she didn't care.

"It's so pretty, and I'm never going to lose it," she promised.

I smiled at her, and she jumped on me, hugging me.

I laughed.

"Pinky promise?"

"Pinky promise Andy. Pinky promise," she said, her small finger wrapping around my larger one.

"Pinky promise," I whispered.

Andy's POV, 5 Years Ago

"Happy birthday Gem," I said to Gem, handing her a box wrapped in pretty paper. It was early in the morning, about 7:30. I'd spent a little bit flying to her castle, just to see her on her birthday.  On her neck, she wore the necklace I'd given her three years ago, she still hadn't broken her promise.

She carefully took it, holding it in her small hands. For our age, she was fairly short, only about 4"5, maybe an inch or so shorter, while I was 4"9, towering over her.

Carefully unwrapping it, she smiled when she lifted up the box's lid.

I watched carefully as she stared in awe, staring at the photo.

It was us. Gem. Rosheen. Sammy. Ralfie. Bella. Me. I stood in the center, Ralfie on my right, Sammy on my left. Rosheen was piggybacking on Ralphie, Bella on Sammy, and Gem on me. We all smiled at the camera as Gem's brother took the photo.

Gem smiled at me, and put it on her bedside table. We walked around town, and soon she asked if we could go fly to my town. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and took off to my castle. We got there a half hour later, and landed. I walked her around my kingdom, her smiling at everything.

A few boys began pointing and snickering at her, talking in my native language, which she didn't understand. All royals know the international language, English, and all the other languages, but not Gem. Gem had trouble with languages, and only knew Mythlan, her native language, as she is from Mythless. So everybody talked to her in Mythless. These boys were talking in Shinefull, my native language, teasing her.

"Hey!" I yelled at them in my native tongue, "Stop teasing her!"

"Look Drake, it's the Mythless Princess, ain't she fine," the first boy teased.

"Andy, what are they saying?" Gem said, looking at me. She was ashamed she didn't know the languages.

"Just being jerks Gem, don't worry about it," I said, putting on a fake smile, just for her.

She smiled up at me, interlacing her fingers into mine. I lead her to my castle, away from the boys.

1 Year Ago

I've lost it all- everything I had, everybody. Rosheen and Bella have been potioned, and keep on getting potioned. Ralphie and Sammy ran away, but haven't come back. They've been gone for two months now. And now Gem's dead. I want to stay in the light, for Gem, but Raven is making the dark, working with her, so tempting I might just. Forget it all, it's fine. It'd help.

"Okay Raven, I'll do it."

Present Day, Andy's POV

I stared at the ground, water in my eyes. Gem looked at me, letting go of Kitty. Her and Kitty stared at me.

"I was thinkin' bout you, thinkin' bout me. Thinkin' bout us, and what we gonna be," someone sang.

"Open my eyes, It was only just a dream," Gem sang.

I felt my first tear drop to the floor, and began to sing the song I sang to her on her twelfth birthday. I'd not seen her for ages, and it was killing me.

Tears formed in Gem's eyes, and she began to sing along. I felt the black magic seep out of me, white magic seeping in.

I stared at Gem, a long lost spark of fire in my eyes. My white wings unfurled from my back from the first time in over a year.

The song ended, and we stared at each other. 

She ran, embracing me.

Light magic was basically flowing off of her, and it began to flow off me as well. 

A protective bubble formed around all the girls, and then a smaller one formed around the two of us. Gem and I were forehead to forehead, her silently crying. I hugged her tight, knowing her next move. 

With all the girls protected, they teleported a safe distance away, in all the moving vans. We stood in the middle of the back of the van.

She embraced me in our bubble as the vans exploded.




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