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-Brianna's POV-

        I unpacked my clothes and folded them into the pile I had beside my suitcase.  I didn't have much from college since you can't bring much in the first place, it was a perk of being back home for summer break.  I glanced over at the clock: 10:58.  I quickened my pace, knowing Mikey would be home any second.  Or he should be at least.

        I jumped up at the sound of the doorbell, rushing downstairs as the excitement built.  When I opened the door, my smile faded a bit.  "Don't look to happy to see me," Sophie said sarcastically, walking in.

        "Sorry, I was just hoping it was Mikey," I apologized, closing the door behind her.

        "Why do you think I came over? I get enough of you at college," she joked.  "I haven't seen Michael in months!"

        "I know, that's the last time I saw him too.  And while I'm glad you guys spend every minute you can when he's home, I'd like to see my brother too."

        Sophie nodded, understanding, "Of course, I will totally let you guys do your thing! I just want to see him when he gets here, catch up a little, and then I'll let you guys do whatever it is siblings do."

        I grinned, silently thanking her.  The doorbell went off again though and the two of us shared a glance before I reached over and pulled the door open. I lit up at the sight of my brother, squealing as I embraced him.  "Mikey!  Finally!"

        Mikey chuckled and put his bag down before hugging me back.  "It feels weird ringing my own doorbell," he commented as I pulled away.

        "You haven't seen me in six months, and that's your first reaction?" I questioned him.

        "You already know I missed you, I say it every time I come back."

        I rolled my eyes, letting Sophie have her turn at jumping into Mikey's arms, quite literally.  As they shared their moment of gushing and kissing, I noticed a figure coming from behind them.  I leaned over for a better look, recognizing Calum. I gasped, not expecting anyone else to come.

        "Calum!" I exclaimed as he walked in with his things.

        "Hey!  My favorite little sister!" he cheered, setting his bag down and opened his arms to me.  I giggled, gladly accepting.  It had been even longer since I'd seen him.

        "Excuse me, I have a little sister too!" I popped up at the sound of Ashton's voice.

        "Ash! You're here too?" I helped him inside and then sharing a hug with him as well.

        "Did Michael not tell you?  We're all staying here for the night due to our own family's conflicts," Ashton explained.

        I stepped away, my smile fading once I heard "all".  Because "all" didn't just mean three, it meant there was one more person who wasn't in here yet...

        "Okay, that's everything," his all too familiar voice rang through my ears.  The door shut and he looked up, meeting my eyes.  Time seemed to stop as the room grew silent, and I could feel the eyes on the two of us.  Who was going to make the first move? Break the silence?  "Brie..." he let out.

        "Luke," I breathed, not breaking our stare.  "I didn't know you'd be here..."

        Luke then looked over to Mikey, who moved his eyes to the floor.  Clearly this was an intentional move.  "Um...I have to finish unpacking my things, so...if you'll excuse me..." I trailed off, slowly making my way towards the stairs and then increasing my speed once I knew no one could see me.

        I put my folded clothes away in their proper places, trying to distract myself the best I could from being caught so off guard.  I probably looked like an idiot, in front of all the people closest to me as well.

        There was a knock on the door, and my heart started to race just at the thought of who it could be.  When I turned around, Mikey was luckily standing there.  "Mind if I come in?" he asked.  I simply gave a nod before going back to work.  There was a moment of silence as he observed me.  "Wow, you're actually unpacking, I thought it was just an excuse," he said in surprise.

        I glared at him, not finding any of this funny.  "Would it really be so surprising if it was just an excuse?" I questioned.

        He sighed, "Look, all three of them have something going on at home right now, I couldn't exclude Luke."

        "You could've given me a heads up," I pointed out, pulling out my drawer.

        "Then you would've turned it down and got mad at me, you would've ended up mad in either situation!" he defended himself.

        "But at least I could've prepared!  I mean, I had no idea how to react down there!" I unintentionally slammed the drawer.  My eyes widened, taking a breath before continuing.  "I  looked like a fool."

        I walked back over to my suitcase, taking out smaller things like my brush and glasses case.  Mikey followed, standing beside me.  "Look, I know yours and Luke's breakup was hard, but it's nearly been a year!  You've seen him since then."

        "One time.  I've seen him one time since the breakup!  And it was very brief, I could avoid it, and I was also prepared for it!" I looked up and snapped at him.  I then turned back down, "And even so, it doesn't mean it's any easier to see him."

        "Brianna...it won't be for long.  It will be a few days until his mom is back from vacation, and then..."

        "A few days?!" I cut him off.  "I thought it was just for tonight?"

        "For Ashton and Calum it is, but not Luke."

        I huffed, burying my head into my hands.  "Of course, of course out of the three of them, Luke is the one who has to stay longer.  I had a two thirds of a chance of having someone I'm comfortable with, but no, I got  the one third," I pushed my hair back in frustration.

        "Hey!  You guys didn't end on a terrible note, and maybe this will be a good thing!  The more time you're forced to see him, the more you'll feel comfortable," Mikey tried to help.

        I shook my head though, "I don't know if breakups work that way, Mikey."

        Mikey looked down, not disagreeing.  "I'm sure he feels similarly, so you probably won't see each other much anyway.  It will be fine, okay?" he assured, placing his hand on my shoulder.  I gave a small grin at his attempt to make me feel better, which worked a little bit.  "How about we go out for lunch now?  Just the two of us?" he suggested.

        I nodded, glad that at least that part of the plan was remaining the same.

Well...hello...it's been a while.  Like, two years.  I debated writing a sequel for a while now, but this has been BY FAR my most POPULAR story, and people are continuing to read two years after its finished and asking for more.And I figured, if I have an idea and there's a demand, why not?  I also coincidentally saw I ended the story EXACTLY two years ago today, which makes this comeback even better.  I hope you guys liked this first chapter of a hopefully good story! 

Luv ya!

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