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by sbrobinson





Aria Rothschild has hidden herself deep in the Pacific Northwest away from her past. She was content behind her masks, and buried her heart deep in the cold depths of the Seattle shore. She wouldn't date and refused to have fun. That's until she meets Parker Maxwell-a flirty lawyer-with a witty charm and gorgeous eyes she will never forget. He steals her thoughts the moment they meet and he causes her to test all the walls she's built around herself when he makes her laugh again. 

 Impromptu wedding planning brings the two together unexpectedly, and they find themselves thrown into the world of love, party planning and cake decorating. Helping their loved ones with their perfect day keeps Parker planted in Aria's life and in the position to steal her heart when he promises to make her feel again. 

With a series of dates and stolen late night kisses, Aria finds it harder and harder to resist the growing connection between them despite her refusal to find happiness since she can no longer share it with the person she loved the most. 

Can Parker help Aria find the happiness she deserves, or will her secrets about her past be too much for Parker to take?





We are now hiding in the living room away from the others, and it's almost like we are in our own little world. Parker takes another step closer, and my lower back knocks into the entryway table. He's stalking me—devouring me. And as my breathing becomes a bit deeper, I don't seem to mind even though I should. 

"I haven't stopped thinking about you." 

He takes one more step and slides his fingers up my forearm and along my bicep. There's a burn, branded on my skin from where the tips of his fingers glide along my flesh. My breathing is loud, more erratic and butterflies erupt in my stomach. A look he gives asks if it's okay if he continues, and when I issue no complaints and my body's physical response to his touch is obvious, he keeps with his path. 

Parker's hand moves up to brush my shoulder and my head tips back. I know I just gave him permission to touch me. Exposing my neck to his gentle caress would be a mistake in the long run, but I don't even care at the moment. Warmth has spread through my entire body starting in my chest. My body tingles and my arm burns. And I've never felt so much in my life. 

The path continues as he traces my collarbone. My eyes flutter closed so I can absorb all the sensations his touch pulls from me. I realize then that I'm starving and hungry for his touch. I open my eyes and look at him in the dark room. The light from the kitchen and the moonlight from the living room windows pours across his face highlighting his angular features and blue eyes. 

Parker is intent to finish whatever path his fingertips are taking. They slide up the column of my neck and then brush my jaw. I swallow hard, and my mouth opens to take a deep inhale. His fingers move to feel my lips. Parker's gaze is focused, and touch is gentle. He hasn't once looked away from my eyes. He wants to know what his touch does to me. I was an open greedy book for him to read.



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