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Why Can't You Love Me Like I Love You.... (Quotes)

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1) "Be my angle,set me free, before i am trapped by this life of misery...."

2)"Loved you once, love you still, always have, always will"

3)"Everyone tells me to go left, but my heart tells me to go right..."

4)"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was choice, but falling in love with you was beyoned my control"

5)"You only think you're immune to feelings. The most unlikely person reduce you to tears, laughter or spontaneous declarationsof love."

6)"I'm in love with you, you just want to be friends, and I'm totally cool living with that constant pain..."

7)"It sucks because I know you're out there falling in and out of love with people who arent me."

8)"I die a little inside every time you use the word 'Friend' to describe me...."

9)"I'm scared that if I told you I love you and you don't feel the same, our friendship would be ruined."

10)"Sometimes I feel like we're friends, sometimes I feel like we're more than friends, but sometimes I feel like I'm just a stranger to you."

11)"Somewhere between laughing for no reason, stupid arguments, and making fun of each other, I fell in love with you."

12)"Sometimes, when you imagine a perfect realize you've described a person you've known forever."

13)"Thing is, I'm still stuck here being your best friend while I'm falling in love with you more and more each day."

14)"Being in love with your best friend is only lucky if they love you back."

15)"When I met you, I wouldve never thought itd end up like this, but as our friendship grew, I realized how much you meant to me. I love you and I love being in love with my best friend."

16)"Falling in love with your best friend is a bad thing. Either you'll be happy forever or a stranger later..."

17)"Being in love with your best friend can either strengthen or break your heart."

18)"I'm scared that if I told you I love you and you don't feel the same, our friendship would be over."

19)"Never fall in love with your best friend because there is no being friends when it doesn't work out."

20)"Its weird enough having a dream about your best friend being in love with you, but worse waking up and believing its true."

21)"Love is always being there for him while he loves another."

22)"Love is seeing him every day and being his best friend but inside you’re dying because he’ll never love you like he loves her"

23)"should i smile because you're my friend or cry because that's all we'll ever be?"

24)"I saw them standing there pretending to be just friends, when all the time in the world could not pry them apart."

25)"Of course everyone loves their friends, but with him it's different. I can't explain it, it's just...different."

26)"He was never my boyfriend, but I miss his hugs, his smiles, his advice, his love, his kindness, the times we cried together, and the times we laughed together. I guess I fell in love with our friendship."

27)"Love is never giving up on him because to give up is to move on. And that’s something you can’t imagine doing."

28)"That moment you fall for your bestfriend. And everybody asks if you guys are going out and it's hurts so bad to say no we are just friends"

29)"You don't know what you have until you lose him and then it's already to late, To tell him you loved him all time you were bestfriend"

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