How can anyone

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How could anyone in this god damn world be ok with with seeing the love of their life coming to their house, crying the whole time. Saying that they love that person, who's making them cry, but they don't know what to do.

Well it happens weekly. He comes over one day. Spends the night. Leaves the next day and then repeats the next week. And well I don't disagree with getting drunk and having a huge hangover the next day cause little shitheads already give me a headache. But the part I disagree with is Castiel choosing to go back to Balthazar. Every time. I know the jerk is hitting him. I know he yells. And than Castiel ends up at my house crying and getting drunk.

But what can I do. He begs me not to tell. He begs me to not talk to Balthazar about it.

So what can I do but hope one day.

He'll know that Balthazar is not what he deserves.

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