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Boa held an interrogation about why Namjoon had a crush on her.

"It just doesn't make sense that you would have a crush on me."

"Why do girls always think that way about themselves?" Namjoon asked. "There are a ton of things that I like about you. I like how weird you are, how understanding you are and how knowledgeable you are. You're so smart too, even if you act stupid sometimes."

"Act?" Boa asked. "I'm not acting about anything," she mumbled.

Namjoon ignored her. "You got picked out of hundreds of seniors at your school to be the one to read their speech at the ceremony."

"It was just luck," Boa responded. "People at my school are just not that skilled in English."

"Well, that's an insult, considering I used to go to your school."

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