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i slipped on the black high heels that aeja had just brought me. they matched like a dream with my long black dress.

 they matched like a dream with my long black dress

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 i added a cute set of earrings and rings, finishing my outfit by painting my nails and doing my makeup, which of course included a lot of sparkles, as it was my signature thing.

after what seemed like hours of getting ready, aeja finally came in to tell me the car was already waiting outside for me.

"and how do i look?" i asked just as she turned to leave once again.

"do you really need me to answer that?" she gave me a look, fixing her own blue dress. "you look amazing like always," she spoke with a sigh.

although i was the one who had asked for her opinion in the first place, i couldn't help but smile a little as a faint blush covered my cheeks. getting compliments from my best friend was always something that made me blush.

"you look beautiful too, aeja," i spoke, motioning for her to spin around. she did and i chuckled. "i don't think i've ever seen you this formal."

"you can't exactly wear high heels and a mini dress when you're rushing in and out of meetings twenty-four hours a day," she reasoned. she really worked a lot, as much as me or even more. i admired her a lot for what she was capable of doing.

"i appreciate everything you do, i hope you know it," i gave her a reassuring smile before taking her hand. "now, let's go, the MAMAs are waiting."

i didn't give her time to object as i pulled her towards the door. knowing aeja, she'd probably insist on checking her makeup one more time, or looking at another pair of shoes, comparing them to the ones she was wearing. she was always so critical of everything, especially herself and how she looked.

we quickly got to the car and the driver opened the back door for us. i let out a sigh as i noticed who the person on the passenger seat was.

"erin-ah, aeja-yah," geonsik greeted us with a nod of his head and a bright smile as if everything was alright. i nearly felt the need to throw up.

"hello geonsik-ssi," aeja greeted him back politely. i simply nodded my head towards him, bowing slightly, not in the mood to talk.

he seemed to let it slide as the driver got inside the car, staring the engine and driving off towards the venue.

"you know, i'm glad you're not performing this year, the whole backstage of the MAMAs is a bunch of people running in different directions and to be honest it's quite stressful," aeja commented, resting her head against her palm.

"yes, it is very stressful indeed, and even performing there... i don't know, you're in between so many idols that it's easy to fear that if you mess up, all those famous eyes will be on you," i spoke. i was truly relieved to find out i wasn't going to perform, because of how nerve-wracking the last time had been.

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