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@RileyTomlinson: YASSS!!! ICECREAM 🍦!!!


@NiallHoran: She is such a cutie xx

@niallpooran: ^^ hmm...something is going on...

@GemmaStyles: Wanna meet up?

@HollyTurnwood: Yeah, I took this picture *looks into the distance*

@SelenaGomez: Haha nice work @HollyTurnwood

@LouisTomlinson: Is she big enough to eat THAT big ice cream? 😂

Harry Styles has unfollowed you.

I'm still crying about Zayn and Gigi's breakup, comment if you are still crying 😭
btw Riley has 2 million followers! WHOA okay I think she has 2 million because of the breakup 😂 anyway thanks for vote and comments 🙏


You need to see that! 👆👆 what do u think? Now I'm just doubting was LARRY actually real!? For a person who doesn't believe in Larry is suddenly doubting herself...

Cat xx

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