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"Matts, would you mind putting some lotion on my back?" I asked, as he got out of the pool. 

If I wasn't so relaxed, I would have jumped Auston right then and there. His abs were unreal and it was making me practically drool.

"Seriously? You could have asked me earlier." He said, winking at me.

He came over, and I pulled down my straps, so I could minimize my tan lines.

He leaned over, and started rubbing the sunscreen on my back, making sure his hands got as close to my ass as they could, without full on touching it. My breath caught in my throat at the contact. He knew he was affecting me, and he liked it. 

"Finished." He said, smacking me on the ass. "Would you care to join me in the pool?"

"Sure." I said, reaching behind me, to pull the straps of my suit back up. 

"You can leave that off." He insisted.

I gave him the finger once I got up, and walked towards the pool. 

"Do you guys ever stop flirting?" Christina laughed, from her chair by the pool, kept company by her loving husband Patrick. 

"No. It literally never stops." Mitch chimed in.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I feigned innocence. "I don't even know how to flirt."

"Yeah, what is this flirting you speak of?" Auston joined in my sarcasm.

"And if you're wondering, they are always this obnoxious, too." Mitch said.

"Yeah. Coming from Mr. and Mrs. constant giggles. Don't think I don't hear you guys all day every day practically jumping each other when I'm in my room." I said.

"Agree to disagree." Mitch finished the conversation.

I sat at the edge of the pool, and eased myself in. Auston jumped over me and splashed me completely.

"Auston!" I said, splashing him in the face as he resurfaced.

"What?" He asked coyly.

"You're such a brat." I shook the water out of my hair, and put my sunglasses on the edge of the pool.

"You're in the pool Fin. You're gonna get wet." He laughed.

I sighed and pulled my hair into a bun to keep it out of my face. I swam forward, and wrapped my arms around his neck, and my legs around his waist. 

"So you're gonna get me wet, huh?" I whispered quietly into his ear.

"You have no idea." He whispered back.

I leaned back and smiled at him, as he gave me a wicked grin. My stomach erupted with butterflies at this look. Oh how this man could make me feel.

"So plan for tonight is we're going to this bar. It's got live music and good drinks." Tyler said, his girlfriend under his arm as they sat in the hot tub. "Except for the kiddos. You guys are on your own." 

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