sonic exe lemon the surprise ~

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a/n this request is from SonicxBlaze and for sonic exe fangirls ^^ enjoy 

You were told to come to sonic room. He said that he has a surprise for you there. Lucky for him that you like surprises. You knock on the door making sonic open the door and smirk at you. "hey y/n~" He said in a flirty way. "hey sonic, you told me there's a surprise so what is it?" You ask as his smirk grow more."this!" He roughly kisses you making you in shock a bit before kissing back. He smirk as he pushes you on his bed and pins you down kissing your neck. You moan while he does that as you were about to push him off but he pin your arm over your head. He rips your clothes off and smirks at you making you get scared slightly. "don't worry i won't hurt you...much." He said as he kisses your chest as you try your best not to moan from this. He growl and bit your left breast making you scream making him smirk as he continue. After of while of teasing you he bright out his member and rubs against your area before pushing it in you making you whimper slightly. He groan a bit before he begin to thrust in and out of you as you moan.  

He closes his eyes as he begins to go faster and harder as you were scream as your ears went down. "scream more for me y/n the hedgehog!~" He yells as he went deeper and harder as you scream louder "s sonic!" "no its master now hehe~" He said as he bit your neck harder making your scream his name.

you: "master sonic!~" 

Sonic "louder then that!~" 


Just like that he cum inside of you and pant softly as you cum after him. You both stare at each other  before sonic kisses you as you kiss back. "that was amazing y/n hehe~"  He said as he nuzzles as you purr softly before you two fall asleep. You guys didn't noticed that shadow and silver were watching you guys the whole time as they had shock and mad face. They were mad at sonic as they said "SONIC WE WERE GOING TO DO THAT!!" They both yell at him as he wake up and chuckles at them. " you snooze you lose i got her first you two hehe." He said as shadow and silver growl.  But you were in a deep sleep as the three hedgehogs are fighting. 

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