Tsushima Yoshiko x Female! Reader (The Secret of Nimh)

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That voice is getting on my nerves!

The girl tied up turned to look at me while blushing madly while she was crying, not that I care since I started to walk away.

"You are not going to help her?"

"Why should I?" I continued walking away but stopped at hearing the roar of rather savage bear. I shrugged it off and continued walking.

"She is going to die, you know that?"

"Survival of the fittest" I tried to ignore the intense roaring of a savage and walk but the simple remember of what a savage can do is just eating my nerves.

"That disappeared centuries from now"

"And you should have never existed but you are here! Now shut up!" The roaring grew in intensity and I could hear the muffled screams coming from the direction of the girl.

"We both know you want to save her"

I sighed loudly and turned around again, this time running towards the girl. In the way I grabbed a big piece of wood from the dirt in case I need it.

Some seconds passed and I emerged from the bushes and saw a big bear about to thrust its fangs on the black-haired girl. Before he could do it, I smashed the wood on its face and knocked him out.

Savages, the do not have our form, their form is the one we used to have centuries back, animals with the only instinct of survival.

After I knocked it out. I turned to look to the girl who was still tied up and had a big red apple in her mouth keeping her from talking.

Still, something in her pink eyes hypnotized me; I just stayed and looked at her for ten seconds or more.

"See, you fell in love with her"

That voice helped me out of my staring contest with the girl and let me think calmly again to get the apple out of her mouth.

The smile in her face was substituted with a harsh and condescending expression. "I didn't need your help"

I smiled gently and put the apple back in her mouth and started to walk again but stopped at hearing her muffled screams.

At this, I turned to look at her and smirked at her state.

"Do you need my help?" She nodded like crazy. "Then, you can give me something in return" She nodded again but this time with more doubts. "Can you fly me to my home?"

"So that's what you wanted..."

Time skip: Four Hours Later

"I can't believe you made a superior being like me to fly you!" If I knew that she was going to be this talkative I would have left her with the savage. I need to admit, she's a good company and a good girl but she can be so imperative.

Her name is Yoshiko, still she prefers being called Yohane, don't know why but I won't get my hands where they aren't needed.

Now, we are in front of my sister, I have already gave her the medicine and now it seems that she needs to rest for a week or so for the sickness to be cured. I was seated on the edge of the bed, caressing my sister's hair while Yoshiko was still talking with no signal to stop about how awesome she was and how grateful I should be for having her in the same room as me.

"Are you listening to me?!" I sighed and turned to look at her with a serious look on my face.

"No" She pouted and turned around while crossing her arms. That made me chuckle and so she got even more angry and started to leave the room. "Can I ask you a question?"

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