Tsushima Yoshiko x Female! Reader (The Secret of Nimh)

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Finally! I have time to write a little! Sorry for the lateness but now I will have a little more free time! Let's see if I can get something out of it!

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The Brave One And The Clumsy One

Third Person POV

Once upon a time, in an alternative world where animals have human form with certain characteristics that helped them in their dairy life without being discriminated or needing a fifteen year old girl, a blonde bimbo, an antisocial cat and a spoiled Ice Queen to protect them since everyone were just the same.

You could see dogs and cats talking to each other, vegetarian wolves and thin elephants walking through the dense forests that they have called home.

Deep down in that world, there's our protagonist, a girl with little mouse ears over her head having the same color as her hair. She was carrying a little paper bag on his arms while her little form let her to walk peacefully and gracefully around the nature environment.

"Who are you calling little?!"

Your POV

"Who are you calling little?!"

That voice in my head just called me little! Although I won't deny I am little and the fact that it said that I moved with grace. I sighed and continued walking after some seconds of not hearing the voice again.

You see, I'm in a little hurry, my sister, she is incredibly sick and I had to travel hundreds of kilometers to get the appropriate medicine and coming back to her. Still, I wonder how she started to feel sick, last time I remembered it was after eating the food I prepared...

Nonsense, my cooking is superb!

Then how did she get sick?

With all my spacing off, I tripped over something and fell hard on the floor making all of my clothes that were similar to Red Riding Hood to get a lot of dirt over them.

"Our protagonist was not graceful at all and a silly pipsqueak"

I grunted at that voice that was invulnerable for me. Slowly I stood up trying to clean myself while looking for the cause of my sudden fall recognizing a red string being tensed on the floor.

A red string? Wait, are you telling me that I will finally meet the love of my life! I always wanted a tall girl with a body of a supermodel and capable of giving me minutes of silence in her embrace!

"I didn't say anything"

I run while following the red string, maybe she is sitting on the grass peacefully while waiting for me!

After minutes of running, I met with the end of the string hidden within some bushes while hearing a muffled voice at the other side of it. I calmed myself and controlled my heart beat before moving the bushes apart and meeting the love of my life...

...tied up in a bondage while wearing a black dress and her black wings sticking out of the red ropes.

"Didn't know you were a sadist"

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