Chapter 8

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QOTD: What song makes you emotional?

QOTD: What song makes you emotional?

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Coffee is just coffee. Going out for coffee is causal, it's meaningless. A simple act meant for friends, whether to catch up, study, talk about the weather, it was always casual.

Coffee with humans was normal.

Neil sat across from me stirring his coffee whilst never breaking intense eye contact with me. I'd look away for a brief second only to glance back to see him still staring at me. A casual smile rooted itself on his lips.

The chair was too small for him making him lean back more. His knees brushed against my own bare ones every now and I'd instantly retract from the contact.

We were on good terms now, surely we were. The way he was gazing at me made me feel uncomfortable. In a way I didn't want him to look away. It's been so long since I was the center of his attention.

Our untouched coffees created some sort of invisible barrier that neither of us dared cross. He was thinking before acting around me this past week, but he was casual about it. Perhaps too casual.

My eyes squinted at the thought.

His knee brushed against mine as he shifted in the chair. He looked nice today. He was dressed in a pair of washed out jeans and a simple white T-shirt. He looked like a college student. I on the other hand was dressed in a large yellow hoodie and some black leggings. Probably not the most flattering.

I watched as his thumb drew mindless circles on his coffee cup. I flickered my gaze up and held his eye contact. Of course I looked away first. I didn't even have to check if he was still staring at me, he was.

We were seated outside the coffee shop. The gentle breeze whisked my hair every now and then taking my attention away from his captivating eyes. "I've started drawing again."

"When did you stop?" He questioned softly.

"A few months ago." I turned around for my bag and dug throughout its contents before pulling out my sketch book. The ends were slightly curled and loose papers were sticking out. I needed a new one. I placed it on the metal table with endless amounts of holes and flipped to the newest page. "I drew this last night."

His fingers brushed mine when he reached out to grab it. He inspected the drawing for quite some time. In his mind I'm sure he was critiquing every little thing that wasn't right. "It's beautiful." My heart swelled from his approval just as it had when he was my art professor.

"I know it's not my best but it's nice to draw again." He carefully flipped to another page. I went to reach back for it but stopped myself when he admired my other works. "That- um- I-" Different sounds spilled from my mouth when he dragged his eyes back to mine.

A soft smile tugged at his lips. "You're very talented." I sucked my lip in wanting to reach over and throw that page out. It was embarrassing. "When did you draw this?"

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