in an interview

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-messes with you
-he stares at you to make you mess up
- "can you not."


-embarrasses you
- "yeah one time y/n farted on set-"
- "FINN!!"


-talks about you
- "yeah and i think y/n is a really good actress. she's just so phenomenal!"
-notices he keeps on talking about you and blushes from embarrassment


-talks about how he always scared you on set
- "this one time i scared y/n by hiding behind this table and jumping out."
- "she screamed so loud it was hilarious!"


-keeps staring at you
-you notice
-he blushes and you smile


-keeps interrupting you on purpose
- "i really enjoyed being with the cast and crew. it was an incredible experience just acting and-"
- "yup it was really fun just working with everyone."


-whispers stuff in your ear to make you laugh
- "oh my gosh chosen stop!"
-he laughs

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