DAHVIE'S POV                               

Jayy is too sweet and adorable and well he is just everything good that can be in the world. He was fast asleep on top of me. We had been watching a movie but he must have been tired. He had passed out quickly. I kissed his forehead and gently pushed him off of me. He stirred a little but didn’t wake up. I pushed his knees gently up to his chest and picked him up. He was very light so I had absolutely no problem baring his weight.

I walked quietly upstairs trying to be sure not to wake Andrew and Sally. But I looked into their room and saw them watching a movie. Sally noticed me and said “aww it doesn’t get any cuter than that” Andrew frowned and jokingly said “not as cute as me…right?” sally giggled and kissed his cheek. “but not as cute as you” she whispered. She looked back towards me and said “g’night Dahvie” Andrew smiled and nodded towards me. I smiled back and walked to Jayy’s room. We still technically have separate rooms but I always sleep with Jayy. I laid him onto the bed and pulled his hair out of his face. He was so cute. I sighed and laid down next to him. He woke up slightly and whispered “love you baby” before closing his eyes again. I pulled him over to my chest and whispered into his neck “I love you too” I closed my eyes and opened them again. Tomorrow we are recording with that guy Shawn Brandon. I don’t really like him but everyone should have their true chance to shine and this was going to be his breaking moment. Hell he might be good and from what Jayy says he is. My eye lids slid closed and I fell asleep the fastest that I ever had.~~~ I woke up to pressure on my stomach and chest. I opened my eyes one by one and saw my Jayy bear laying on top of me, playing with a small lock of my hair. I smiled and kissed his nose sending him into a sequence of blushes. He looked lovingly at me and wrapped his long arms around my neck. In doing so he put his lips to my bare chest making me shiver. I ran my fingers through his hair  making him giggle quietly.

He released and dismounted me. He laughed when I stuck my lips out in a fake pout. Jayy reached out his hands and helped me up from the bed. I grinned at him and walked into the bathroom to do my makeup and shit. I saw through the mirror Jayy pick up his phone. He laughed at a text he had gotten “well” he said still chuckling “Shawn asked if he could do the recording session an hour later than planned. Apparently his hair refuses to cooperate” I forced a smile and nodded. I hadn’t even know that they traded numbers. For some reason it made my stomach turn in knots and my heart pound like a drum. ‘Dahvie’ I said in my head ‘don’t become one of those overprotective boyfriends Jayy had always complained about’ despite my warnings to myself I asked Jayy “when did you guys trade numbers? I didn’t see it” Jayy looked at me like I had asked something in a different language. He almost looked panicked. “oh” he said “I’ve had his number for months. He is a cool guy to get to know” if I hadn’t hated Shawn already I hated him now. Jayy is mine! But as long as Shawn doesn’t do anything to make me suspect he likes Jayy as more than a buddy I wont act. But if he so much as comes to close to Jayy, his ass will meet someone special to me. My foot!


Wow I never knew that Dahvie was the jealous type. But evidently he was. He seemed pissed when he found out that Shawn and I had shared our numbers. Not pissed at me but just pissed altogether. Dahvie didn’t even attempt to hide the glare in his eyes every time that I said Shawn’s name. I sighed “Dahv” I whispered into his ear as I came up behind him “if we are going to record with Shawn then you are going to have to play nice” Dahvie chuckled at my choice of words and turned around to kiss me gently on the lips. “fine anything for you Jayy bear” I blushed uncontrollably. Why am I suddenly so shy around him since we’ve started dating? I laughed at myself and put on some eyeliner. Looking in the mirror I frowned. I know that you have to love yourself before you can love others but sometimes I do hate myself. My face, my hair, my skin. Just myself all together. I would never say this to Dahvie though. I had said it one time before when he and I had just become friends. He told me that if I said it again he would kick my tiny ass. His words not mine. I smiled slightly at the memory as I walked back into my room. I didn’t see Dahviie.