You Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Chapter 13

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"Are you alone with him?" I asked looking at him concered.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Does he always drink that stuff around you?" I asked pointing to the drink.

"Yeah. He tells me to not tell Mom or Dad and it makes him drive funny." he said laughing

"Honey, that isn't good. It means he is drunk you could die."

His face turned to fear. "no, really?"

"Yeah. our team lost our best running back because his buddy went drinking and he crashed killed both of them."

Suddenly a hand grabbed the boy's head. I look up to see Gavin Tech, our QB. "Sorry about my brother. He is a player. I mean a annoyer." He said not fully drunk but definantly tipsy.

"Get your hand off of him! You are tipys Gavin!" I said standing up pushing his hand off of the boy and put myself between the boy and Gavin. "You know if my dad found out you were drinking your gonna get kicked off the team right?"

"So your a snitch now Lysa?" He said getting close to my face.

"See you don't even recogize the very girl who helped you out. Get away from me!" I said pushing him back lightly.

He took a step back and his smile widen making my blood boil. "So you are fiesty huh Carry?"

"Don't call me Carry!" I seethed.

"Ok. Carlyn why don't you and I have some fun up there?" He motioned to the hotel as he grabbed my sides pulling himself close.

My whole body tensed under his hands. "Sorry I am not like the other bitches that let you fuck them because you're drunk!" I said this time shoving Gavin off of me into the ground. I motioned behind my back for the boy to go get help by using my phone.

He grabbed my phone and started to dial the number I told him with my hands. Since Gavin was focused in on me he didn't notice what his brother was doing. "Bitch!" He said stubbling to his feet. Just as he was ready to punch a voice came out of no where.

"I would HIGHLY recomamend NOT doing that." seethed a voice making Gavin stop and we both turn to see Shane standing there holding a surf board with two officers next to him.

"Aw fuck!" Gavin said and started to turn and run but Shane grabbed him before he could even move.

"I would also recomend not doing that either."

The officer did their buisness and took Gavin and his buddies away then talked to us. Finally they left leaving me, Shane, and Jake, the little boy. "Instead of being taken you got someone." Shane smirked at Jake.

"Hi!" Jake said waving to Shane. "She is gonna teach me how to throw!" he said pointing to me.

"Alright. Have fun I gonna surf." with that Shane took his board leaving his sunglasses then ran to the water.

Jake and I threw the ball for awhile until his parents came by and took him home after thanking me for watching their son. Once they left I walked to the water and swam in the water for a minute or two then got out and sat and watched Shane surf. Soon after I started to lay on my back working on keeping my tan while I watched Shane. I watched alot of other couples making out and grinding making me wonder, what it feels like to do that?

Shane came up and sat down by me after sticking his board into the sand. He sat with his arms on his knees next to me while I laid on my stomach propped on my elbows. He noticed my gazing and smirked, "don't bother asking. I am fine with dating you, besides I find it disrecepctful to make out like that in front of a crowd. Kissing is ok but eating face and shoving cocks is just gross." he said turning to the ocean with a face of disgust fading fast.

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