You Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Chapter 13

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We arrived at a beach store full of all kinds of swim suits. I walked down the asils not finding anything until I saw in the discount area there was a white bikin top with black outlined leporad prints filled in with purple and the bottom part was purple. The top was the normal strapped back and tied around the neck type and the bottom was you typical bottom piece. I grabbed the suit, got a leporad towel, plain white flip flops, and black bug eye glasses.

Shane had gotten a pair of white trunks with black on streaks on the side and white sunglasses. Shane smiled seeing me come up to pay the cashier. When we had finished buying we went to the hotel room and I went into the bathroom to change and Shane went to the bedroom. I walked out to see Shane with his sun glasses on as he had his arms folded with his foot and back against the door. "I thought you fell in the hot tub and forgot to get out." Shane said smirking.

"Yea whatever!" I said rolling my eyes laughing. "Let's go to the beach!" I said grabbing his hand and my bag with towels, a book, a radio and a folded umberal. He opened the door and stole the bag from me and ran down the hallway dragging me behind him.

When we got to the beach we found a spot and laid down the towels and set up the umberla. I pull out the radio and put on a country station and pulled my book out and watched Shane look at the waves.

"Go gettem sufer!" I said pushing Shane's shoulder. Yeah he looks like a football captain but infact he isn't into football at all he will watch it but not all into it, but he really loves to surf. It was his surfing that actually got my attention because not many people here in my part of North Carolina. I mean yeah we live near Kill Devil's Hills which is the 6th best place to surf in America but no one surfed like him. He acts like a three year old in a candy store, he has to try out every wave possible.

"But I don't have a surf board with me." Shane said trying to hide his disappointment. There weren't many surfers out right now and when he got on the waves no one would be.

"Go get one at the store right there. I will stay here. No one could take me anyway with a beach like this." I motioned to all the people on the beach. Shane reluctantly got up and went to the store leaving me with my book and the radio. So I laid down on my stomach with my feet in the air and my sun glasses on loosing myself in the book.

I was so into the book that I didn't here any warnings a bunch of kids were giving me until a ball landed right onto my chest. At frist I was shocked but got over it when I saw a little boy coming up to me all sad like as I sat up. "I am sorry." He mumbled.

I held onto the ball noticing it was a football. "So you like football huh?"

His face beamed and nodded rapidly.

"You were practicing on your throwing huh?"

"Yes Mam."

"How about I teach ya something? My dad couches our highschool team." I asked holding the football like a QB raising an eyebrow.

His eyes widen and so did his smile, "my brother is on their team!! He is the QB!" but then his face fell, "but now all he does is hang out with his buddies and leaves me all alone." He motioned with his head to a bunch of guys laughing and hollering about some girls. Then I noticed something, they had alcohol.

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