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Gemma Carlisle: Where are you taking me tonight?

Zayn Malik: Surprise :)

Gemma Carlisle: I don't know how to dress for a surprise!

Zayn Malik: Jeans will be fine. See you in 30!

I flung my phone and flopped on my bed. Sometimes boys were so dumb. Jean could mean dressy blouse, or t- shirt. I decided to go for something in the middle and I pushed myself back to standing. I put on some pretty underwear and yanked on some plain dark-wash skinny jeans. I held up two shirts, deliberating which to wear. I wound up putting on a snug white- lace camisole and a black cashmere cardigan. I eyed my closet and snatched my phone back up. 

Gemma Carlisle: What kind of shoes does this surprise require?

Zayn Malik: Whatever you want. Calm down 

Gemma Carlisle: How do you know I'm freaking out????

Zayn Malik: Because you're asking me about shoes...

Gemma Carlisle: A girl has gotta know!

Zayn Malik: I'm sure you look lovely :)

Gemma Carlisle: You're sweet

Zayn Malik: You're beautiful

Gemma Carlisle: You're making me blush 

Zayn Malik: I'm getting in the car now. Blush for me again when I see you in 20?

Gemma Carlisle: In your dreams :)

I went into my bathroom and carefully applied make-up, reveling in the fact that it was evening and I could actually wear more than just mascara and lip gloss. I was just pulling on the second of the wedges I had decided to wear when the phone rang. 

"Miss Carlisle?" The front deskman said. 


"You have a visitor in the lobby," he replied.

"I'll be right down. Thank you!" I hung up and grabbed my small, black, clutch purse and walked to the elevator. I fiddled with my hair, wondering if I should have done something more interesting than just straightening it. When it reached the lobby, I stepped out of the elevator and looked for Zayn. I spotted him sitting on one of the couches and I fought the urge to run over to him.

The moment he saw me he rose to his feet. "You look lovely, Gemma," he said, kissing my cheek. 

"Showing affection in public?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Michelle won't be happy."

"Michelle can suck it," he replied, laughing. "If I want to kiss my beautiful date in public," he stepped closer and spoke into my ear, "then I will kiss my beautiful date in public."

"Such a rebel," I teased, intertwining my fingers with his. 

"Well I am a Bradford bad boy," he said seriously. "And real bad boys don't kiss in hotel lobbies."

"Do they kiss in the car?" I asked.

"They might. If they're with a pretty girl," he replied, leading me towards the door. He opened the passenger door for me before getting behind the wheel. He leaned closer to me. "And I'm with a pretty girl."

His lips met mine and I threw myself into the kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding his face securely to mine. In what seemed like no time at all Zayn pulled away. "We should get going."

"I like this better than whatever we're doing," I protested. 

"You are a dangerous girl, Gemma Carlisle," he laughed. He put the car into gear and pulled smoothly away from the hotel. 

"It's a stick-shift!" I exclaimed as he switched gears.

Zayn laughed. "Most cars are manual here."

"I can't drive a stick," I confessed. "I wanted to learn when I was younger, but everyone I knew had an automatic."

"You can't drive a manual car?" Zayn chuckled. "Louis tried to drive an automatic during the What Makes You Beautiful shoot. It was a disaster."

"How can you mess up driving an automatic?" I laughed. "It's so simple."

"He kept trying to shift. We actually got pulled over for going to slow," Zayn remembered. "I do not have that problem," he added, speeding around the car in front of him.

"I can see that," I giggled. "You know what the problem with a stick-shiftt is?"


"I can't hold your hand while you're driving," I replied. 

"Gemma, you are something else," he smiled. He shot a swift glance my way before continuing to drive quickly towards our destination.

I studied his side profile and just shook my head.

"What? Is there something on my face?" He asked nervously.

"You're just a really, really good looking boy," I replied. "I'm going to hate being in pictures with you. I'm always going to look bad in comparison."

"Oh, Gemma," he sighed. "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen"

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