Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


The fourth of July in Miami was amazing!  It kind of made me think of what I imagine Mardi Gras to be like.  There were festivals and music everywhere, parades, street shows and the evening promised lots of fireworks.   And food! Amazing food.  All ethnicities, but especially Mexican and Cuban.  Nico let me try all sorts of things I'd never had before, he seemed so excited to share his heritage with me and I relished all of the attention from him.  It was so crowded he was always either holding my hand or my arm or touching me in some way…and I was eating it up!

At one point we went in to a gay bar that he and Ajax knew for a cold drink and to sit down for a little bit.  It was early in the evening and we sat in the eating area because Nico didn't want me in the bar part.  There were so many gay men around…well boys and men I guess, some looked close to my age or just a bit older and then lots around Nico and Ajax's age.  I'd never been in an atmosphere like this, instead always feeling like the odd man out by my sexuality.  So it was really awesome to be around people and feel like I wasn't any different than the crowd.  The best part was that Nico made me sit in his lap because guys kept looking at me.  Well, some were looking at him too and it kind of pissed me off, so I felt much better when I was in his lap and he had his arms around me.  Actually, it felt pretty awesome because it was like he was telling them that I was his.  I had such a smile on my face that my cheeks hurt.

"Are you having fun baby?" Nico asked.

"Yah!  It's great!" I told him turning in his lap so I was facing him more.  Since I was sitting on his lap our faces were almost the same height.  I stared at him a moment, wanting to kiss him so bad, but not sure if he would get mad or not…was I allowed to instigate it?  Was I allowed to kiss him in public?  I bit my bottom lip in contemplation.   Just as I was about to turn back, he reached his hand behind my head and pulled me in for a deep kiss.  I loved his kisses; his lips were just thick enough to be soft, but still firm and the way he controlled a kiss overwhelmed me in all the right ways, leaving me breathless.

"You're so beautiful," he said quietly when we broke for air.

"No I'm not," I scoffed and his eyebrows went up, "I'm handsome and rugged," I corrected, "Sir," I added with a smirk.

He laughed out loud and a huge grin spread across his face.  "You're that too baby, but you're also the most beautiful person I've ever known."  He paused and kissed my neck just below my ear.  "And you're all mine," he whispered into my ear so quietly I barely heard him.  Between the kiss on the most sensitive part of my neck and the tickling sensation in my ear from his words I closed my eyes and let out a quiet sigh.

I leaned my head over Nico's shoulder and when I opened my eyes I was looking back at Benji who was staring at me with a strange look.  It was almost like longing…I didn't think aimed at me, but how Nico and I were embracing.  He seemed to pop out of his thoughts when he noticed me looking at him and his face quickly changed to his usual smile and he stuck his tongue out at me and laughed.  I returned the gesture and let out my own quiet giggle.

"What are you boys laughing about?" Nico asked.

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