9. Complications and Emotions

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Naturally Trisha and Sage were the talk of the town. Electro from Spiderman is a great example of how circumstance can change a person. And right now Trisha was leaning on becoming vindictive. She was angry most of the times and depressed other times.

She was in the library again when Killian came next to her. It was the same spot they sat together.

"What are you doing?" He hissed obviously angry at her stunt this morning.

"Playing the game." She answered in a deadpan tone.

"Don't get in between Sage and me, it's a dangerous matter."

"Is it Killian? Tell me why did you kiss me?" She asked blatantly.

Killian was at lost for words.

"Are you attracted to him?" He asked the question actually pondering in his head.

"He has no match, should I be attracted to him?"

"Why did you kiss him?"

"I don't have to explain anything to you. Now leave me alone." She wanted to tell him that she was same as Sage and that she will never find a match but she thought against it.

Just one month left for an annual check of everyone. Trisha had gone through it for past years but this is the year when she was in danger, this is the time she was matched with Sage with some trickery from his end and she will be caught and so will Sage.

He didn't fear death or punishment if he did he wouldn't have fallen in love with Killian's match.

"Get in the car love," Sage called out to her as she walked out thinking about her stressful unlucky existence.

"Love?" She gave him an incredulous expression.

"Beloved?" He tried to get on her nerves.

Sage has never been kissed by a girl first. He made the move, he controlled the situation, he made sure she wanted him and then he would be the seducer. But this was different. This was not the times when girls made first move and this one put herself in the eyes of scrutiny when she did that. Her DNA should be soft and shy, not like this.

And her stupid kiss triggered emotions in him.

"Get in, we need to talk." He said seriously.

And surprising him, she did.

"Drive and talk." She sounded angry.

"What secret were you talking about?" He asked pretty sure what secret but he wanted to hear from her.

"You are just like me, unmatched." 

She knew and yet here she was.

"So you don't think something is wrong with me and that I need some treatment?" He asked.

"Yeah sure, you disgust me as much I disgust myself." She said calmly and not trying to look at Sage after what she did.

She was feeling squeamish in his presence.

"I can help you stay alive." He said.


"Let's run away together."

"Sage I am not in a mood for a joke." She retorted.

"I am not joking. Run away with me Tinker Bell and I will protect you." He said not sure he meant it.

She laughed a hollow laugh, "Really Sage, I have known you for a week now. That does not give much credibility."

"Then stay here and die, like that teacher did. But it is not the only thing that will happen,  your family will be an outcast if they turn out to be innocent after a series of torture." Though his words were harsh they were true.

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