Chapter 24: Frozen rain drops

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“Yes, actually. You see while you were teaching my girlfriend who is standing by the door gave me a han-” I quickly ran in and got in between the teacher and Gordon. “He’s just so silly sir. I’ll make sure we’re not late to our next class. C’mon Gordon.” I snatched his arm as he walked closely behind me to conceal his new ‘gun’.

“I’m going to get you back.” He said lowly in my ear. I turned around abruptly in the hall, “Wasn’t that your payback?” I asked weary. He chuckled darkly and shook his head, “Nope…let’s get to class Ms. Saleb.” He winked.

Chapter 24:

Gordon’s POV:

“I swear on everything Lyle, if you fart I’m going to open that door and watch you roll along the road behind us!” I warned when I saw his face. He looked at me quickly in alarm, “But! My stomach hurts man!” he whined. I shook my head, “Don’t care. You’ll burn a hole through my leather seats, suck it up and hold it.” I ordered. He groaned and rubbed his stomach. Isis laughed under her breath.

It’s not funny, I’m doing this to save your life you know. I joked pushing the thought to her head. She laughed a little louder this time. Oh I’m sure you are. I saw her wink at me from the corner of my eye. Corbin was shaking his head at us, knowing full well what we were doing. He hated to be on the outside of the loop, but it’s not like I could just plug him in or anything!

“Hey, anyone notice how Mr. Smith gives Gordon and Isis the stink eye whenever we’re in his class?” Benny asked out of the blue. I stiffened along with Corbin and Isis. I chuckled nervously, “All the teachers give me the stink eye Benny.” I waived it off.

“Well yeah…they used to, but besides the point the also glares at Isis, who for the most part, when she’s not sleeping is a good student.” Great, he chooses now to be observant! I looked at Isis for help who rolled her eyes at me. Do I have to everything? She muttered through our link, but turned to Benny.

“He was just angry when…my mom turned him down when they were younger. He never got over it.” She shrugged. Benny looked at her in confusion, “I thought you were from back East?” he asked. She nodded like she expected this question. “I am but, my mother was from the U.S. originally. When she moved away for my father Mr. Smith was not happy.” She was a fairly good liar when she wanted to be.

“Oh…that sucks.” Benny then shrugged it off. I blew out a quiet breath in relief. I felt bad for leaving him out of it, but I just didn’t want to risk another person finding out. Right now we were all on our way to this great frozen yogurt place called Sweet Spot in our Triangle Center Mall. It was about a ten minute drive, and I already informed Jenna we wouldn’t be home for dinner. She just told me to bring her home a cup since it was one of her favorite places to eat.

The place was awesome though! You could pick your own yogurt and fill it up yourself and put as many toppings as you want with their topping bar. They had everything from fruit to actual cereal like Captin’ Crunch.

“So judging by the way you and your friends are salivating right now, I’m guessing this place is good?” Isis chuckled. We all wiped away the drool, that was in deed cornering at the edges of our mouths. Well, that was embarrassing.

“Just you wait missy. You’ll be drooling a river before you even get your first bite.” Corbin winked at her. She merely rolled her eyes as we got out of the car. Next to Sweet Spot was other various places like Starbucks, and a hair salon. When we walked in there were only a few people in, which was a rarity. I headed straight back to the self serve yogurt, grabbed my cup, and piled on the cake batter one. Mmm.

When we all got our bowls full we paid and sat down in the corner where there were cushy chairs to sit. I watched as Isis took her first bite. “Oh my God! This is…incredible!” She stated shocked. We laughed and dug into our bowls of deliciousness.

“So what time are we leaving for tomorrow?” Corbin asked after a few minutes. Isis was looking out the window and looked spaced out. I followed her gaze and didn’t see anything. Benny and Lyle began talking about tomorrow where we were going to that place with rock climbing and stuff. “Isis?” I asked quietly. She snapped back into the present and looked at me. She looked a little pale, which was unusual.

Isis? I asked through our link, feeling concern now. A sudden spike in fear plowed though me, but I could tell she quickly rained it in. I tried to push into her mind but she blocked me. Nothing, I’m fine. She answered back with a small smile. I shook my head and scooted her closer to me.

Isis. I said in warning. She sighed and looked up at me as she bit her lip. I could’ve sworn I saw Lydia out there just now. It’s just my mind playing tricks on me, I’m sure of it. I looked at her face again, and could see the slight doubt there as well as feel it.

Trust your instincts Isis. We’ll just need to keep an extra eye out, especially when we go tomorrow, okay? I reassured her. I could feel her fear, anger, and sadness through her, and into me. She tried to keep it to herself, but I guess our bond was too strong now. I loved her, which I guess made a big difference.

Did she love me? I really hope she is at least getting there. I don’t know how much longer I could wait and not tell her. However, I’m terrified that she doesn’t feel the same. I want to use my last wish to get her free, but…I also have a feeling I should wait. At least until this whole Amin and Lydia thing get’s over.

I bent towards her and kissed her cheek to comfort her. God! I was turning into such a freaking softie! Isis smiled genuinely at me, making my day that much better. Sappy much? Yes. Do I care? Not really. I felt for my phone and noticed it wasn’t in my pocket. Crap! I left it in the car. Standing up, it halted the conversation about tomorrow.

“Just got to grab my phone. Be right back.” They all nodded absentmindedly, but Isis held my hand. No! I don’t want you to go out there just yet. She pleaded though our link. Squeezing her hand I let it go.

Don’t worry! I’ll be right out there. I don’t need a babysitter everywhere I go. I was slightly annoyed about the fact that I can’t seem to go anywhere now without her holding my hand! I’m not some kid who needs adult supervision. She can see me as I’m out there.

I know she’s just worried, but I don’t want to live my life always looking over my shoulder. I’m a big boy, and I want to be treated like one. I think she could tell I was annoyed, so she backed off. I felt guilty, knowing she was just trying to protect me, si bent down and kissed her forehead softly.


I stood upright and looked incredulous at Benny who was whistling and looking the other way. Lenny and Corbin were both cracking up. “Did you just…smack my a*s?” I asked with a shocked expression. “Well, you were acting like a girl with your girl…so I decided I would treat you like one, that had a nice a*s.” He shrugged it off. I punched his shoulder hard, making him yelp.

“So…you think I have a nice butt huh?” I teased him. His face got hot making me crack up along with everyone else in our group. “I didn’t mean it like that! You’re sick! Just plain sick!” he yelled out. I patted his head like a puppy on my way out.

“Say the guy who likes spanking his guy friends.” Yeah, that stunt turned around on him. Shaking my head I jogged out to my car. It was starting to drizzle so I hurried over. When I reached my car I unlocked it and took out my precious cell phone.

Suddenly the little drops that were falling around me froze in mid-air. It looked incredible but put me on edge. “Well, hello there handsome.” I turned around to see Lydia standing there leaning against the car next to mine with an easy expression on her face. I scowled at her, but she only pouted in return.

“Come now, don’t be like that.” She said as she sauntered closer to me. I backed up as far as I could go until my back hit my car. “You better back off! Isis-” She cut me off by laughing. “Isis?! Can you not see the frozen water droplets? I froze time! Hmm…all body and no brains. I can work with that. Do you have any idea of how many genies I had to drain to get this much power to produce this? Freezing time is not cheap. Now I have to deal with all these whiny little brats saying, how their powers aren’t working!” She rolled her eyes at nothing in focus.

“Kruse was an idiot placing me near new genies.” She chuckled darkly. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise from the sound. “Oh well, all that matters is I have you where I want you.” She paused and stalked up to me before pressing her body into mine. “And you can have me where you want me.” She purred. Sh*t! I have to get out of here!

“No!” I shouted and pushed her off of me, “What is your problem? Do you have issues with rejection?! Get it through your head! I don’t want you!” I yelled out. She looked pissed, but on the plus side, I saw the droplets begin to move. She was losing her focus.

I just need to make her lose complete focus! “You’re pathetic! One person says no and you throw a tantrum! Get over yourself!” I screamed at her. That did it! As she charged at me time unfroze. Acting quickly, I stepped out of the way, making her run into my car. She let out a piercing scream and came at me again. I was suddenly, pushed out of the way.

“Back off b*tch!” Isis growled out, standing before Lydia. She cackled and clenched her fists glaring over at us. “This isn’t over.” She hissed as she noticed that some people began to look our way. Isis lent over towards her.

“No…but it will be.” I could hear the promise in her voice, as Lydia growled and stalked off out of the parking lot. As soon as she was gone Isis just about collapsed. She would’ve if I hadn’t caught her.

“Whoa! Isis what’s wrong?” I asked her. She looked up at me with a fearful gaze. “What’s wrong?! What’s wrong?! I was scared out of my mind Gordon! I knew I was frozen, but couldn’t do anything to stop it! I felt your fear! Yet, I couldn’t even blink! Do you know what that feels like?! I was so scared I lost you!” She was close to tears, as I hugged her close to my body. I rubbed up and down her back as I ushered us into my car for more privacy. We were sitting in my back seat as I shut the door.

I shushed her in a comforting way, and wrapped my arms back around her. “It’s okay. We’re okay. See? I’m fine.” I tried to reassure her, but she shook her head quickly. “No! It’s not okay! Gordon, do you have any idea how much you mean to me?” I went to answer but she cut me off as she slid away slightly to look at me better.

“I would walk through fire for you, do anything you needed of, be anything you needed, whether it be a protector, lover, or a friend.” She paused as she finally looked into my eyes. “I love you Gordon…I’m completely in love with you, and it scared the life out of me thinking Lydia got her claws into you.” She whispered at the end and turned away.

I grabbed the tops of her arms and turned her to me. “I know you’re not ready to hear this, and I’ll wait-” I cut her off with my lips, chuckling to myself. Wow, I felt like I was on cloud nine. Pulling back I gazed at her confused face.

“I’m in love with you too. How could I not be? You’re smart, beautiful, and have kick a*s powers, with a silver tongue to match. I’d be insane not to love you.” Her eyes welled up as I said this before she crushed herself to me. We heard a  knock on the door and looked over to see the guys making kissy faces at us, while for some reason or another Lyle was doing some mort of chicken dance.

Wow…way to ruin the moment.


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