14| Moment That Could Last A Lifetime.

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14| Moment That Could Last Forever.

Annie didn't want to ignore Luke, but she couldn't face him at the moment. She'd been distracting herself with school work and piano and reading and television; anything to not check her phone for the texts Luke had sent.

Idiotic is what she felt. She shouldn't of built her hopes up in thinking Luke was going to ask her to be his girlfriend. She didn't have any reasonable excuse to be ignoring him, she just wanted to try and calm down a bit, so she understands the boundaries of their not-so-relationship.

Today, Friday, was another snow day, which Annie contently spent revising and relaxing. Yet she couldn't deny the utter boredom which had taken over her entire being. She just wanted to go on her phone, but she knew she would read the texts and the sinking feeling in her stomach would occur again.

She couldn't help herself, the boredom consuming her and she could no longer just stare at her laptop screen. Picking up her phone, she sighed when she saw three texts from the boy, hoping it wasn't urgent.

Hey, just wondering
if you wanted to do
something as it's
another snow day? X

Or not, don't worry :)

I just realised you're
probably working or
something, sorry if
I'm disturbing you x

Annie let out a deep sigh. She needed to keep her distance from him if this wasn't as serious as she thought. She thought Luke liked her, a fair amount too, but she assumed it was fairly obvious he was going to ask her out on Valentine's Day. She was wrong.

Luke had spent the start of the day procrastinating on whether or not he had upset Annie. He couldn't actually remember much of what he said yesterday, his mind was consumed with everything relevant to her. He had already text her three times, he didn't want to seem clingy and go for a forth.

Ashton was his next source of entertainment, especially since Rosie went round to Annie's herself leaving Ashton in as much boredom as Luke.

"Well, did you say something annoying? Were you annoying? You can be annoying sometimes." Ashton answered, eating from the McDonald he got on his drive over.

Luke frowned, he didn't think he was annoying, he thought his was quite charming actually.

"No, I didn't do anything." Luke muttered, attempting to play FIFA like he used to and thinking he was winning. Ash thought it was pretty cool how he wanted to play XBOX again because of Annie, so he didn't bother stating he was currently 8-0 down.

"That's probably the problem then. She was probably expecting you to do or say something and you didn't." Ashton shrugged, texting Rosie to see what she was up to.

Rosie was telling Annie the same thing- sort of. She was saying that boys, particularly Luke, weren't very smart about girls.

She was texting Ashton about it, how Annie thought Luke was going to ask her out and he didn't. She felt bad for telling Ashton about their current conversation but she couldn't help it, she needed something to keep her and Ashton talking.

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