Living A Girl's Life {Taylor Swift}

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“Taylor. Alison. Swift. WAKE UP!!!” i hit her body with a pillow.

“5 minutes, okay. 5 minutes...”she said with a low voice and went back to sleep again.

“NO MORE FIVE MINUTES! You gotta be in Ellen in 30 minutes!” Taylor was still dont wanna get up from her sleep. I had this brilliant idea on how to wake Taylor up. i went to the kitchen and took a glass, and went to the bathroom to take water, and went back to Taylor’s room. I threw the water to Taylor’s face.

“RAINING!!! AMBER GET US TWO UMBRELLAS!!” I stood there beside Taylor’s bed with annoyed-confussed-mad-give up look. Taylor went back to sleep. What the heck Taylor?!

I searched for Taylor’s hands under her blanket, and pulled her away out off of bed. Nice, she’s awake now. Not wide awake, but she’s late! I pushed her to the bathroom.

As she was in the shower, i waited in the kitchen and start making two bowls of cereal. Ellen today, haha always loved it when Taylor on Ellen. I love to see her getting pranked. Im a bad friend, aint i? I chuckled.

My name is Amber Breslin. Ive been friends with Taylor way before she was famous. Now Taylor is the world’s superstar. And we are hollywood’s tightest bestfriend. Because Taylor is now a superstar, she works me as her manager so we could always stay together. Taylor was always nice to me, we always there for eachother, im glad to have her.

I heard a footsteps coming to the kitchen, and my prediction was Taylor. And, yeah it was Taylor. Of course it was Taylor! I would get heart attack if it was Drew, the Teardrops On My Guitar’s secret guy. Taylor sat on the dining table, and we ate our cereals.


“HAHAHA OH MY GOD!! YOU GO ELLEN!!” the crew was getting pissed of as i keep screaming. I just couldnt help it. Ellen was pranking Taylor! And im sure you wouldnt stand not to laugh if you look at Taylor’s face!

The shooting is over and Taylor walked towards me. i started laughing and point a finger to her face. She slapped my hand away.

“i hate you, Amber” Taylor reached for her jacket.

“i love you too” i winked.

The show is over, and now me and Taylor are going to the studio to record some songs. Shes on her way to the 5th album. Its gonna be enchanting as always. She writes alot of songs, well, too much songs. I remember the night we just arrived from Las Vegas after attending CMT, long and tired night. I woke up from my sleep because of Taylor was playing her guitar. I knew i couldnt stop her when it comes to guitar, so i put on my headset. She sometimes asked me for some ideas for the song lyric. She works really hard for her fans. She loves her fans more than anything. I love her fans too. They know me and really respect me and they are really friendly.

We arrived at the studio. Taylor went to find Scott and i went to the pantry to get some snacks. As i was going to sit down, i heard a rushing footsteps coming to the pantry.

“Amber! IM NOT WEARING CONTACTS NOW BUT IM SURE THERE’S TIM MCGRAW WITH SCOTT!!!” Taylor shook my shoulders. She is a BIG FAN of Tim. She got nervous i think. I laughed my butt off seeing her fangirl-ness. i was as freak out as Taylor because, oh sorry i didnt write right. WE BOTH ARE A BIG FAN OF TIM.


“YES! LETS GO! Wait! How do i look?” Taylor asked.

“pretty, but im prettier.” I winked and sticked out my tongue. We started running to Scott’s office. And yeah we saw Tim. Oh sorry, wrong writing again. WE SAW TIM!!! ASDFGHJKL!!!