Tyler could tell Jade wasn't in her senses. She looked insane, close to madness. She had the same calm emotionless look on her face that Tyler had seen on her the day he had first seen her, holding the knife to tackle the men who approached her in that darkened street five months ago.

Then again, Tyler had seen the same fire in her eyes when she had been trying to jump off her balcony when Tyler had prevented her.

Tyler saw the fire again today; the fire that looked out of control, untrainable, boundless, reckless, and stronger than Jade could face.

It was the fire that looked like it was eating Jade from within like termites devour wood.

The fire that looked like it was feeding off of her pain, her rage, her neuroticism.

The fire that looked like it would burn the world down, beginning with Jade herself.

"Jade!" Tyler tried one last time to bring Jade back, defeating this demon.

But it was useless. Jade grimaced, her knuckles turning white as she tightened her grip on the steering wheel. Tyler took a deep breath, clenching his hands into fists for a brief moment. His gaze rested between Jade's feet, right on the brake pedal.

Tyler focused his energy, feeling the fire rolling through his veins, centering into his eyes. Tyler clenched his jaw, pushing hard with the power of his mind.

Just as he had hoped, but quite contrary to his expectations, the car began to slow down. Jade looked towards him, a shocked expression on her face. Within seconds the car had come to an abrupt halt.

Tyler closed his eyes to silence the throbbing in his head, frowning hard. It felt like his head would explode, but it was worth it.

Tyler opened his eyes to see Jade staring at him wide-eyed. She opened her mouth to say something but Tyler opened the door of the car and jumped out.

Hurrying to Jade's side of the car, he pulled open the door. Grabbing Jade by the arm, Tyler dragged her out of the car, slamming her backwards against the car. Jade let out a gasp, but didn't fight back.

"To hell with you! Where the fuck is your mind at?" Tyler raged at her, his voice loud and enraged. "Can't you pretend to be sane for ten minutes when you're around me? Do you have to make me hate you every moment I spend with you? What do you want from me? Why do you keep testing my patience? Is this what you wanted the car for? To put both our lives at risk? So you can die? Huh?"

"No," Jade breathed in a low voice, all her rage and ferocity gone.

Tyler saw the wetness in her eyes, which had replaced the deadly fire. His rage began to evaporate.

"I want a car so I won't have to ride with Lukas again," Jade said, frowning at her feet.

Tyler stood there, breathing fast, not knowing what to say or do next. He could see the pain behind her coldness, the vulnerability behind all the façade.

Tyler had always been able to see the real Jade, even if for a few moments, in brief glimpses and flashes. Tyler could see a soft, gentle girl, with a heart like glass. He could almost see, behind all the walls Jade had put up around her, the Jade that felt too much, that thought too much, that cared too much, even if she showed otherwise.

Tyler hadn't forgotten the girl who had offered him a drink, even when he was holding her hostage, nor the girl who had offered pancakes to the man who had burnt her arm the previous day.

Tyler had seen the worry in his eyes when he had slammed Brandon against the wall, the joy on her face when she had talked about Nathan, the smile on her face when Tyler had told her about his parents.

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