Part 20: Karaoke and Guilt

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This is gonna be a looooong chapter, I haven't updated this story in a while so yeah, this chapter is longer than the others chapters which is good for me😂

~Last time~

Lucy felt light headed, she put all the guild members into 1 pile so they all had contact with Lucy, and with the remaining sliver of magic she had left she teleported them all back to the guild, they got to the guild and Lucy passed out.


~Erza's p.o.v.~

We got back to the guild and Gray already starts dragging people in the building, I walk over to Wendy.

"Hey Wendy how's she doing?"

"Her breathing is steady, she's just tired" Wendy smiles at Lucy and then leaves to go help Gray, Lucy then starts tossing and turning in her sleep, she smiles and then giggles.

"No, stop that tickles" she giggled some more,

"Erza *giggles* s-stop" she giggles again and writhes around some more before she finally lays still.

Lucy has a goofy grin on her face, I'm smiling and I place a hand on Lucy's cheek and she unconsciously moved to the touch. I then start petting her head and rubbing her ears which makes her purr and a little fang pops out of her mouth.

'She looks so cute right now' Lucy opens her eyes slowly and gives me a sly smirk that seems all to familiar,

"Thanks for the compliment Red"

My eyes widen and I step back, she gets up and stretches. "Crone" I growl and summon a sword,

"Woah, woah hold up Red! I'm not here to cause trouble! Just put the sword away and let me talk" I hesitantly put my sword away,

"I have learned my lesson, as you have probably noticed I am still blonde but the color of my eyes have changed blood red. It means Blondie has full control over me, plus I know what I did was wrong. I was hoping you'd forgive me and my actions, I was influenced by my need for power and Zeref had plenty to share with me and so did Lucy... I deeply apologize for my actions Red, but you can from no on trust me because I know what I have done wrong. I asked Lucy if we could sperate so I could join crime sorcerer, but she disagreed because she wants me to stay with her. On that note Lucy's waking up, my last message: You better treat her right Red"

Then Lucy's eyes flickered back to blue and purple, she blinked and looked around and her lip trembled. I put my hand on her shoulder,

"Lucy, it's not your fault and no one blames you, if you weren't being controlled then you wouldn't have attacked us, it's ok"

"No Erza! I wasn't strong enough to fight to the surface, she easily had control and I almost lost my soul. I-I just need to get stronger, I'm too weak, I need to be stronger-"

"Lucy stop! You are not weak! You're the strongest person I know, you fought your hardest!"

"But my hardest wasn't enough-"

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