"Now, honey, are you sure you're okay here?" Mrs. Mason asked her sixteen year old daughter as they stood in the new California apartment. "You don't have to move here."

"Mom, I'll be fine." Avery said with a smile on her face. "Beside, I have uncle Liam." She glanced at her uncle who just plopped himself on to the couch. Mrs. Mason sniffled but nodded.

"Hilary, we have to get going." Mr. Mason said from the apartment door.

"Coming." Mrs. Mason gave her daughter a hug, and then made her way to her husband.

"What? I don't get a goodbye?" Mr. Mason said jokingly. Avery chuckled.

"Of course you get a goodbye daddy." She wrapped her arms around her father's neck. "I love you." Mr. Mason held back tears but gave his daughter a squeeze. When he let her go, he turned to his little brother.

"Liam, you take care of my daughter, you heard me?".

Liam smirked at his brother."Loud and clear. I'll have her tattooed and drinking by sun down." Mr. Mason's face hardened, Liam laughed. "Chill out Max, she'll be fine."

Mr. and Mrs. Mason said one last goodbye to their daughter before they started their long car ride back to Chicago. Avery turned to her favorite uncle, "What do you feel like eating for dinner?" He shrugged. "Wow, you're such a great help." She stated sarcastically. "Fine, I'll just go pick up some groceries. I can just make something for dinner."

"You're gonna wear that?" He said, raising his eyebrow. Avery looked down at her outfit.( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=49837807 )

"What's wrong with this?" She questioned. Her uncle just started laughing. "You're mean. You know that?" Avery grabbed her car keys and walked out of the apartment. She drove to the local Target and started her scavenger hunt for food. As she finished up gathering her things, she came to the last item, which just happened to be on the very top shelve, where Avery couldn't reach. She felt like a fool as she stood on her tippy toes trying to grab the cereal box. A male who happened to be standing next to her let out a small chuckle, but then reached over and grabbed the box.

"That's what you wanted, right?" his voice was smooth and velvety. Avery nodded and took the box from the handsome stranger.

"Um, thanks. I'm Avery." She introduced herself.

"Come on Rocky!" A tall blond boy called from the end of the aisle. Rocky looked at the boy, than back to Avery.

"Nice to meet you ." He said with a smile. With a hesitation, Rocky followed the blond boy who was waiting for him.


The next day, Avery sat in the passenger seat of her uncle's car. She kept fidgeting with her outfit. ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=49797236 ) "Avery, you'll do fine." Uncle Liam said as he tried to ease her nerves.

"What if I totally mess up this audition?" She questioned. "What if I don't get the role?"

"You have this audition in the bag. Sunny, I have faith in you. If I didn't, I would have moved to California with you." He gave Avery her purse and looked at her. "Now go in there and knock them out of their seats." Avery took a deep breath and got out of the car. Her uneasy legs managed to get into the building and into the lobby.

"Um, excuse me? How do I get to room 4236?" Avery asked the secretary.

"Take the elevator to the fourth floor and go down the hall, last door on the right." She said with a big smile.

"I can take you there." A male said to Avery. "I was just on my way up." She studied him as he led her to the elevator. When the door slid close, the guy smiled. "How's your cereal?"

Avery smiled. " I wouldn't know. My uncle doesn't let me eat his cereal." She replied sarcastically. Rocky chuckled. The elevator dinged.

"So are you auditioning for Austin & Ally?" Rocky questioned as they walked side by side down the hallway.

"Yeah, for the role of Samantha Diaz." Avery looked up at him. "I am so nervous."

"You'll do fine." Rocky played it cool. He held the door open and ushered her in.

"Avery Mason?" The mean looking secretary called from the desk.

"That's me." Avery said as she walked up to the secretary.

"They're ready for you." The secretary looked to Rocky. "And Mr. Lynch, get your butt back in there!" Rocky smirked, but followed the mean secretary into a back room where the auditions where being held.

"Ah, Ms. Mason." An old man mutter as he read over her resume. "Let's get started. Shall we?"

Avery stood in front of the three judges, the old man, a young woman, and Rocky. She gave it her everything. Her whole world faded away and all of her fears were gone. For that one moment she was really Samantha Diaz. When she was done, she looked at the judges with hope in her eyes. "That's all." The young women said with an attitude. "We'll call you." Avery nodded her head. She grabbed her purse and headed out out the room.

"Avery. Wait!" Rocky called for her. She turned around. "Let me at least walk you out." Avery smiled to herself. They walked out of the building together. "Okay, I have to ask you. What is up with your necklace? Why a mustache?"

Avery chuckled and touched the mustache. " I don't know. My best friend Nikki gave it to me before I moved. It's my lucky charm." She looked around the parking lot, but her uncle's car was nowhere to be seen.

"Everything okay?" Rocky questioned.

"Oh yeah. I just don't know where my uncle's at." She pressed her lips together.

Rocky slid his hand into his back pocket and ran his other one through his long brown hair. "Well, I can just give you a ride. You know, if you need one." He said, hope laced through his voice. But just as the words came out of his mouth, Uncle Liam's car came racing through the parking lot. "Or not." he muttered under his breath.

Avery walked up to her uncle's car, but before she got in she looked to Rocky, who was starting to walk away. "Hey!" He turned around. "Rain check on the ride?" She said with a smile.

"You bet!" He called back to her. As he watched her drive out of the lot, he whistled in amazement.


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