Part 19: Story inside of a story

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Ok so you guys are probably wondering why I am writing this, I am currently at a bridal shower and accidentally left my story at my house. I thought it would be a good idea to write of how Zeref, Lucy, and Natsu got separated and how Zeref became evil, so this will be a story that will explain all of that.

~26 years ago~
~2 year old Zeref's p.o.v.~

Mama called me into her room with papa, "Zeref, honey we need to talk to you."

"What's wrong mama?" Mama took a deep breath

"You will be a big brother!" Papa said and mama smiled.

"A brother! REALLY! Thank you mama, Thank you papa! Where are they!?" I say excitedly looking around, mama laughed.

Mama then taps here stomach "She's in here sweety"

"Cool! A sister! I noticed your tummy grew but I didn't want to be rude!" I giggle so does mama.

Mama tells me to come closer, I lay my head on mama' stomach and there was a movement, "Huh! SO COOL!!" I squeal.

~Celestia's p.o.v. (4 months later)~

"Honey... Hospital... NOW!!!" I yell, we head to the nearest guild because the hospital was too far away, the guild master hurried us into the infirmary were a pink haired healer worked on me, "Ok, that shortie dragged me hear. Let's get this over with" she grumbled.

~Nobody's p.o.v.~

The two new twins were born, the first one was blonde, with chocolate brown eyes, she had a tail, ears, and dragon wings. The other one had salmon colored hair, and green eyes, he had a tail, and wings, but no ears, he had pointy teeth, and the girl had normal teeth.

Celestia named Lucy Dragneel and Natsu Dragneel, Zeref came bounding into the room "Mama!" "Zeref?" Celestia said weakly "Mama what's wrong?" "Im just feeling a little dizzy honey..." Celestia said and passed out, then Igneel came bounding into the room.

"Hey there my little wizard! How's my little nephew?" Igneel said kneeling and rubbing Zerefs head "Mama just passed out!" "WHAT!?" Igneel yelled, "Hurry! Call my brother! Celestia passed out and is sweating! HURRY!"

Acnologia sprinted into the room and crouched down next to Celestia and squeezed her hand "Please be ok!" He said tears pricking his eyes.

~Time skip(3 days)~

"Celestia, she was a good friend, mother, and wife..." Grandeeny said, Acnologia sniffled "She had 3 beautiful children, the two are not the reason she has passed. Celestia was very sick, she knew the dangers but wanted to have the children." Igneel said trying not to cry.

The funeral ended and Acnologia took Zeref and Igneel took Lucy and Natsu.

- Time Skip 3 years

Zeref was training while 3 year olds Natsu and Lucy were arguing "NATSY DON'T PULL ON MY TAIL!" Lucy yelled at grabbed Natsu's tail and yanked as soon as she yanked harder the two heard a pop sound before Natsu held his butt and rolled around on the ground crying.

Lucy looked down and saw Natsus little tail in her hands... they had a little funeral for the poor tail. While Zeref trained a dark wizard cursed Zeref making him the most feared wizard in all of the land, Acnologia was now under Zerefs control. 'This is for you mother, and little sister and brother'

That should help clear up the confusion of why Zeref was now good and all this and why Natsu doesn't have a tail and Lucy does, Natsu doesn't know that he has wings. But yeah Igneel and Acnologia were brothers, Celestia and Acnologia are Lucy, Natsu, and Zerefs parents, Lucy killed her father and doesn't know it, Igneel isn't their father even though Lucy and Natsu think he is. Thats all for now, STAY FROSTY!!

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