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it was finally my free day after a whole two months of touring. it felt good to step outside without having to think about practice, rehearsals and vocal warmups.

i adjusted the sunglasses covering my eyes before stuffing my hands in the pocket of my pink hoodie, walking outside of my apartment building. i had just finished having lunch and considering i had run out of dessert, i thought i should get some ice cream.

i reached the ice cream shop within five minutes. it was one of those ice cream shops in which you can build your own ice cream, and in the end they just weight it and you pay it by its weight. i grabbed an ice cream scoop and a cup and started adding the flavors i wanted, starting by adding vanilla, then mango, blueberry and lime. i finished it off with sprinkles on top and went to the cash register, taking my wallet so i could pay for it.

however, a hand stopped me, handing the cashier some money.

"i'll pay for hers and mine," an angelic voice spoke.

i bit my bottom lip and slowly turned around, my day instantly getting better,

i was face to face with jeon jungkook.

"jungkook, you really didn't have to do that," i motioned towards the cash register. "but thank you so much," i felt my cheeks heating up. he'll notice you're blushing, fool.

"it's no problem at all noona," he shook his head, giving me a cute smile. he too was carrying a cup of ice cream, which i realized was more a cup of chocolate syrup than anything else. i giggled.

"so," i looked at him and motioned for him to follow me to one of the tables. "what are you doing here? felt like eating some ice cream? and please, i've told you to drop the formalities."

"yes, we just took a break from practice, the rest of the boys are still at the studio though," he spoke, setting his own ice cream cup on the table, and actually complying as he dropped honorifics. "i actually felt like eating some ice cream and i thought about bringing some to the boys as well. you know, be a good maknae for once."

i grabbed the small spoon and ate some of my ice cream. "they're lucky to have you."

at my words, he smiled cutely. not that he had any other way of smiling, he just looked like an angel the whole time. "you're right, they are. but anyway, how's your one day break going so far?"

"well, i slept a lot," i chuckled. at my words, he pouted.

"i wish i remembered what it felt like to sleep in, i haven't done that in ages," i frowned as he spoke.

"you guys really work hard, you deserve a break as well," i spoke. i could see the bags under his eyes, which were evident whenever he wasn't wearing any stage makeup.

if there was one thing that was for sure about jungkook, was how hardworking he was. being the youngest of the group, he had always made sure to keep up with his hyungs in anything they did. he even had to finish high school while training. 

i had graduated a bit earlier than him, but me and jungkook had spent some time studying together in the past. it used to be my favorite time of the day, whenever we would both take an hour or so to study with each other. which is probably why i had good grades anyway.

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