A Family Affair: Part 3

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*Danika's POV*

Cleaning Ren's room isn't so bad. It looked deplorable, but it is mostly clutter lying around in heaps. Lots and lots of clutter. I scurry about his room, picking up clothes here, organizing books there, and throwing trash away. I had gotten a lot done in the forty five minutes I'd been working, but there is still a lot left to do in order to finish the project. Good thing I have all the time in the world.

I was in my groove of things, putting everything in what Ren would feel is its rightful place, when all of a sudden, I had moved too swiftly and brought my foot hard against the side of my sons desk. A deep throb radiated from my largest toe to the depths of my body and I let out a short but distinct curse as I kneeled down to check on the health of the largest extremity on my foot. After inspecting the toe and acknowledging its well-being, I leaned against Ren's dresser, the culprit, accused of causing the throb in my foot. I glanced around at all the work I had got done, feeling relief and pride in a job half-way done. As my eyes wandered the room, I noticed a heap under Renier's bed, and out of pure curiosity, I crawled to the edge of the frame and stuck my hand into the darkness under his mattress. It took awhile of aimlessly feeling around for me to grasp the item that originally caught my attention. As I pulled it from its depths, I deduced it was cloth, before it was dragged into the light.

However, when I pulled the linen from the darkness what I saw made bile rise from the pit of my bowels and worry to knot my stomach. Most parents found cloth items hidden in their teenagers rooms covered in bodily fluids that came from their sexual organs, yet, in some way what I had found may be worse. The piece of linen turned out to be a towel and a brownish crust coated most of its surface. I had recognized the crust from the past, when I had first began a relationship with Reyes.

It was blood.

*Reniers POV*

I kept slamming my bleeding fists into the wall, so distracted I didn't notice the person coming behind me until they stood just feet away. I turned, and got in a position of defense- my uncles had taught me not-so-basic self defense, in case I would ever need it.

What stood in front of me wasn't a malicious enemy, but a woman. She was short, a whole foot shorter than me, with long brown curly hair, and piercing gray eyes, with a stare as intense as electrocution. "Easy there, killer. I just heard some strange sounds on my way home from the club and thought someone was getting their ass kicked, just turns out the only thing getting its ass kicked is your hands. You sure messed them up," she noted, nodding in the direction of my raised fists.

I looked down at them, opening my hand and wincing at the intense pain. "It isn't that bad."

"Says any guy ever," the gray eyed stunner retorted.

"I'm not just any guy, as you assume."

She snorted out a laugh, "Yeah, says every typical guy." She watched me with calculating eyes before she proceeded. "But, I do know you are not just a typical guy." Gray eyes paused, only continuing when I cast a confused gaze. "I heard your interaction with Urban, actually I think everyone did. When you left I thought you went home, not out here. Urban can be a real prick sometimes."

"Ah, so you know my cousin, I assume," I replied.

"By word and word alone. He has broken many of young girls hearts, not mine. But, given the opportunity he would. And from what happened inside there, I can assume he may have broken yours, in a family sort of way," Gray eyes calculated.

"He didn't break my heart, just pissed me off."

She started at me dead on with those striking, millennia old eyes and said, "But it isn't the first time."

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