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Otabek set down a cup of tea in front of Yuri and poured coffee for himself, "Talk."

"You haven't asked me anything."

"When was the last time you cut and why?"

Yuri shrugged, "Three days ago? Four? And I've told you because I felt like it."

"So while you were here."


"Dang it Yuri. I'm trying not to be Mad and judge you but you're making it freaking difficult when you're like this. So you cut and I didn't catch you."

"Yeah, it happens, you can't catch everything."

"I will tell Yuri and he will throw you in therapy without another thought so I suggest you start taking this more seriously."

Yuri's eyes widened, "Maybe I'm crazy and need it," Yuri faked a gasp, "What if we're both crazy and are imagining the cuts?"

Otabek stared at him flatly before standing up and pulling out his phone, "I'm calling him."

"No, wait, don't. Fine. I'll talk, but don't tell him.

" You must have a reason for why you do it. What is it?"

Yuri shrugged looking uncomfortable," Penance I guess? I deserve it. Why not just do it. No one else will."

"Penance for what? You didn't do anything three days ago."

"I yelled at some people, I made some person fall, I made you upset, I made Victor worry, I made Yuuri worry, I slept with people that wasn't you before that, I said something mean to someone, I-"


Yuri did, "I could go on for another long while if you really want me to."

"No. Yuri, you can't do it anymore. Three days ago is going to be the last time. If you ever want to cut just talk to me. I'm going to hide all the knives okay?"

"No, not okay. I'm leaving still. You keep acting like I'm not. When I leave I can do whatever I please."

"What happened to the depression pills the doctors gave you?"

"I threw them down the toilet. I'm not depressed. I do deserve it though."

"Why don't we take you to a clinic and get you help?"

"The clinic? I'm not crazy! And I definitely don't need help. I'm perfectly alright."

"I never said you were crazy I just said it could help you."

"Only crazy people go there. I'm not trying to die, I'm not crazy so I don't need to go."

"It's not just for crazy people. Calm down. I'm saying they might be able to help you with the cutting."

"I don't need help. I'm fine. I've never cut deep enough to hurt myself."

"What happens when you slip and cut too deep Yuri? You'll die and what if no one's there to help you?"

"I won't! There's nothing wrong with me doing this. I don't need to be put into an asylum. I don't need help. I don't need pills."

"You wouldn't be cutting if you didn't hate yourself! That's all we're trying to fix."

"Fine. You want to send me there? Fine. But I won't take whatever pills they give me."

Otabek sighed, "Okay, fair enough. Go pack a bag while I call them to see if they have space. You can even take some of my clothes if it makes you feel better."

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