We ended up at the airport, which wasn't the biggest surprise, but going a smaller building next to it. For private jets.

"Are you kidding me?" I asked, looking over at Steph.

She said nothing, but shrugged instead.

It felt so surreal to be on a private jet, but here I sat with Steph, Christina, and a few other wags. They still managed to keep where we were going under wraps, so instead of being sociable, I slept through the whole flight. 

It felt like my eyes had only been closed a few minutes as opposed to a few hours. But there Steph was, in my face, making me get off the plane. The sun was blinding, and I loved Steph more and more as she handed me my sunglasses. 

"Welcome to Key West." Steph smiled at me.

We all loaded into a van, and took off towards what I assumed to be the hotel we were staying in. 

The last time I had been to Florida was when I was a kid. I was excited to be with the Steph and the girls and make new memories. 

The house we pulled up outside was massive, and it seemed excessive for the group we had, but with the private jet, it seemed like they didn't go small at all. 

I pulled my suitcase behind me into the house. It was decorated beautifully, and I couldn't believe I was going to be staying here. I left my suitcase in the foyer, and went straight out to the back. There was a pool with a hot tub, and just past the gate was the ocean. I went straight out, and sat on the sea wall. The ocean just grazed the bottom of my feet, and it was amazing. 

My phone went off in my pocket, and I pulled it out to see a picture that Auston had posted with me in it.


  austonmatthews: "When you're all alone, I hope you truly know how bad I want to be there

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  austonmatthews: "When you're all alone, I hope you truly know how bad I want to be there."

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 43kadri : Get a room.

 marner_93 : Stay out of rooms. Any room that has a door.

 carriebabi : Different hoes, in different area codes.

 karmina_xo : *cough* @ carriebabi IS A JEALOUS SLUT *cough*

 43kadri : ^^^^ what she said.

 finyourface : @ 43kadri coming in with the sass. I like it.

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