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"You know this is too much right?" I laughed, staring down at the excess in front of me.

Auston had been so appalled at my lack of Leafs clothing, that he went and got me about every single possible article of clothing that he could with the Leafs logo on it.

"That's the last time you will wear a Blue's sweatshirt anywhere around me." Auston said, lying next to where I was sitting on the bed.

"All you had to do was give me like one of your sweatshirts and I would have been good." I shook my head at him. 

"Well those are for my eyes only." He winked.

"Shut up." I rolled my eyes, "Thank you for this though. I love it all." 

I leaned down, and pressed my lips against his.

"Feel free to try on anything...right now." He winked at me.

I pushed him, as I got off the bed. I grabbed the leggings and went into my bathroom.

"I meant try it on out here." He called after me, as I shut the door behind me.

Auston and I were doing a lot better. We didn't have the stress of labels, but we spent a lot of time together. He would get moody, and I would call him on his shit. It was our 'thing'. 

I came out of the bathroom in my perfectly fitting leggings, and Auston's shirt that he had left me the other night. Auston was laid down on his stomach, staring as his phone, so I went and laid down on his back. 

"This is not how I picture you on top of me for the first time." Auston said, and I could hear the humor in his voice.

"Well this is going to be the closest you'll get to that picture for awhile." I laughed. 

"You know I really like spending time with you right?" He said, turning his head, as I rested my head on his back. 

"When I first met you, I couldn't believe what a huge asshole you were. So self absorbed, and not considerate of anyone else. And then I saw you at practice with Mitch, and that all changed my mind." 

"Does that mean you like spending time with me, too?" 

"Yes, Auston. It does." 

"Good. Because This would be really awkward if you didn't." 


"So you're making me bring a bag with entertainment and my passport, you're going to pack me a bag, but you're not going to tell me where we're going?"  I asked, sitting on the floor in my room doing my hair. 

"Yes. And we have an hour before we have to leave, so hurry it up." Steph rushed me, as she packed me a bag from my closet, with clothes mixed in from hers. 

"And then when we leave, we go where?" I tried once more.

"No where if you don't hurry up." 

"You're annoying." I said, running a brush through my hair one last time.

I packed my laptop, my phone charger, and a few of my favorite books to pass however much time I needed to. I assume it was to go visit the guys, but why would it be so secret if we were just going to see them? I knew Steph wasn't going to tell me, and I would fine out eventually so I just decided to go with it. 

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