Untitled note 26

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Hey, look I know that
what I said was really
messed up, and I'm
sorry if I hurt you.
But I was hurt,
and I need you to understand why .
I don't like group
settings. I know that
seems crazy considering
how often I'm at
parties but any where
that's not my bed makes me uncomfortable, I'm
depressed, been that
way since sixth grade.
There's no one person
or group of people
that I can say
I'm completely comfortable with,
no one I can be with
where I feel like
I'm not being judged.
Do you know
what that's like, to
constantly feel like you
don't fit in anywhere.
To feel like you're never
enough and there's
nothing you can
do about it.
It's soul crushing.
But with you it was
different, in
the mist of all
those people I felt
completely comfortable
for that moment.
I know you probably
only cared for my
body but I didn't care. 
I need that feeling,
by any means.
I didn't say all this
for sympathy, or to
"get back with you".
I just wanted you
to know why I do the
things I do and say
the things I say.
Hey y'all, no real  A/n tonight I don't have enough energy, but I hope y'all enjoyed it. Sorry it's a little deep, I've had a rough night. Also the song in the bio is just something I really love and wanted to share (it's Heal You - Sinead Harnett)

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