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"So you boys live together?" The interviewer asked.

"Yeah, we have three flats at the moment," Liam answered. "They're temporary though. Our real ones are being renovated."

"Are you guys messy?" She teased. "I mean you are teenage boys."

"Hey! I am twenty years old!" Louis said, puffing his chest. "But I'm the messiest," he added, putting on a guilty face. "Harry nags me to clean all the time."

"I wouldn't say nag," Harry laughed. "I'm the domestic one of the bunch," he added. "I cook for everyone."

"So you and Louis room together," the interviewer said. "Who else are roomies?"

"I shack up with Liam," Niall offered.  "He's sort of the dad of the group. Makes sure we don't get too crazy."

"How's that going?" She asked Liam.

"It's a disaster. They're all total wrecks," he laughed. "But seriously. These are good lads. I think we all consider ourselves really lucky. It's been such a great journey to get to where we are now, and I've gotten to do it with four of my best friends."

"Sounds amazing," she commented. "So we had some fans write in questions for you boys. And there was one that kept coming up. Are you single?"

"I'm taken," Liam began.

"As am I," Louis said.

"I'm currently single," Niall said.

"Me too," added Harry.

"Now, Zayn," the interviewer said, "let's take a look at the screen for moment."

The boys all turned to the screen behind them and watched as a picture of me clinging to his arm yesterday appeared. After a moment it turned into a picture of me wearing his shirt and holding his hand out of the van. "Oh my god," I breathed, as the picture turned into the one of him and Niall kissing me on the cheek and then to the one of him and Harry sleeping on my shoulder.

"Twitter has gone absolutely crazy with photos of you and this girl. So let's talk about you and Gemma Carlisle," the interviewer suggested. "She's the head of wardrobe for the tour, right?"

"Yes, she came all the way from L.A. to work with us. She was actually showing us some sketches this morning. They look absolutely phenomenal. We can't wait to see how they turn out," Liam said. I felt my cheeks growing hotter with his praise.

"She's pretty too," the interviewer commented. "Now, looking at these pictures, it looks you and her might be a little bit more than friends, Zayn."

Zayn smiled, the tiniest trace of a blush forming on his cheeks. "She's a great girl. We're lucky to have her with us. You look lovely today, Diane, by the way."

The interviewer couldn't help but laugh. "One Direction, ladies and gentlemen," she concluded, still giggling to herself.

Once the camera clicked off, the boys immediately bounded over to Michelle and I. Michelle praised them for the interview and I thanked Liam for saying such nice things about me.

"You're welcome," he replied, offering me a hand out of my seat.

As we exited the studio I hung back by Michelle, letting the boys do their thing with the waiting. Michelle motioned me into her car. "He ignored me didn't he?" She sighed as my phone pinged, signaling I had a text message.

"Yup!" I replied happily.

Zayn Malik: I'll pick you up around 7:30 tonight. Where are you staying?

I quickly typed in the address of my hotel. "We'll avoid the cameras tonight. I promise."

Michelle shook her head, but let the subject drop. I stared out the window, contemplating what was sure to be a perfect evening with a perfect boy.

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