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This story will probably contain some kinks and might be cliché because darling that's just who I am .

Anyways this story might contain straight sex by none other than Kim Taehyung since, well he is a playboy and heartthrob~!
•mature language
•maybe cross dressing (a little)
•gay sex

That's all the warnings I could think of tbh.

If you don't like any of this....the exit button is right there friend so see yourself out,but if you do like any of this I hope u enjoy.

This also my idea.If I see u guys see it anywhere else than idk but I came up with this idea.

The readers will also participate on this story as Jungkook's friend and helper in trying to get Taehyung to see kookie as something else other than a little brother.

See u soon~~~♡♡♡


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