~10~Stupid Dudley.~

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Jadens pov

We all got on the train. We wouldn't see eachother until the next time we come back for Hogwarts. I sat with Draco alone,Hermione,Ron,And Harry all sat in a different one. I would be seeing Harry a lot since I'm going to live with him while my father does important business. I honestly believed nothing he said but I didn't care.

''you promise you'll write?''Draco grabbed my hand and I laughed a bit.

''of course. I might even be able to come to Malfoy Manor with Harry since you're dad invited us.''I added and Draco's face kit up in excitement.

''that's good!''he smiled.

''I'll write every week,Kay? ''I promised as we got up and got off the train,hugging.

''love you.''he whispered and I kissed his cheek and walked over with Harry. We both looked back and saw Draco blushing,his parents nudging him as he turned a bright pink.

''Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon and Dudley,This is Jaden, She's staying with us until we go back to Hogwarts.''Harry introduced me.

''Nice to meet you.''Aunt Petunia said sarcastically and shook my hand,Uncle Vernon had a nasty look and Dudley was smirking.

''lets go.''Uncle Vernon broke the silence and we got in the car,driving to Privet Drive.

~~At The Dursley House~~

I went upstairs and Harry dropped his stuff by his bed,there was another bed beside It and I put my stuff down.

''I remember living here for 6 years.''I sat on my bed,Harry sitting on his as we faced eachother.

''Yeah. Then Snape offered to take you and he did for the other 6 years.''Harry added and I nodded.

''I'm just happy you get to stay here with me. I hate this place..''he mumbled the last part and I laughed.

''yeah. I didn't want to stay with Snape again,he was starting to get on my nerves.''I grumbled and lied down,Harry laughing.

''What should we do?''Harry lied down and glanced over at me.

''I dunno. ''I shrugged.

''sleep.''i added and we curled up on our beds,drifting asleep.

~~I'm just gonna skip the summer because we ain't boring here. The last two weeks,brought to you by Draco's Hair ~~

We were at the park,on the swings and we were talking as Dudley and a group of his friends walked over to us.

''Hey big D?''Harry glanced over.

''Beat up some 10 year old?''Harry narrowed his eyes.

''this one deserved it.''His friends stood behind him.

''this is ridiculous.''i whispered to Harry and he nodded.

''5 against 2,Very brave.''Harry spoke up.

''you're one to talk.moaning in your sleep every night,at least I'm not afraid of my pillow.''Dudley joked as his friends laugh,Harry frowning as I huffed,trying to keep my cool.

''don't kill Cedric. Who's Cedric? You're boyfriend?''His friends laughed more and I almost got up,Harry grabbing my arm and forcing me back into the swing chair.

''stop.''Harry sighed quietly.

''he's going to kill me mum! Where is your mom? Where is your mom,Potter? Is she dead? Is she dead?''Dudley and his friends laughed again and I growled,Harry blinking back his tears.

''Is she dead?!''Dudley laughed and I broke out of Harry's grasp and held my wand to his neck. His friends laughing as the sky grew dark and the wind became stronger.

''what are you doing?''Dudley said,trying not to sound panicked.

''I'm not doing anything!''i looked up as all his friends ran off. We all looked up and started running. Rain came as we took cover in a little sewer type thing.

We stayed silent and Harry turned,a dementor appeared as Dudley screamed,it held Harry up and he struggled.

''Harry!''i gasped.

''Dudley,Jaden--Run!''Harry spat out as it choked him. Dudley started running and I didn't leave but went after him as he grabbed my arm and I tripped,Dudley tripping over me as I groaned,two other dementors flew in. Harry's dementors started opening his mouth and feeding off of Harry's soul. The other two doing the same as I yelped.

Harry's pov
I managed to get my wand out and i touched the dementor,I started falling,ny wand fell and I desperately tried grabbing it,the dementor zooming forward as just in time I yelled.

''Expecto Patronum!''And the dementor fell,disappearing. I held my wand still and glanced over at my cousin,and my sister and aimed it over there as the stag took out both of them,Dudley laying there,he looked like he hadn't slept in weeks. Jaden was gasping for breath as I ran over,trying to help her as she calmed down but was a bit drowsy. She got up and almost toppled back down like dominos but she got her balance,we both picked up Dudley,we both almost dropped him but we were good and surprisingly could hold him as we brought him back to the house and Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon were already yelling at us.

''go to your room,I'm locking the windows and door!''Uncle Vernon screamed and we both ran inside and he immediately locked the windows and doors.

''thank you Harry.''Jaden glanced over.

''for what?''i cocked my head a bit.

''for saving my life!''she playfully hit my arm.

''oh! No problem.''I smiled.

''you excited for Hogwarts in two days?''I asked.

''duh! I can't wait to see Hermione and Ron and Draco and Julia!''She squealed and I chuckled.

''sooo,like anybody harry?''she smirked and I wide-eyed her.

''n-no..!''i blushed.

''Ginny..--You like Ginny!''She squeaked and started jumping around the room.

''fine!''I threw my arms up and we both laughed.

''who do you like?''I smirked and she flushed.

''Tell meeeee!''i begged and she groaned.

''Malfoy..--DONT TELL HIM YET!''She yelled and I burst into laughter.

''okay,okay. I know this is our fifth year and everything,well your fifth year. I'm in my sixth but anyways,how's Slytherin for ya?''I sat on the floor with her.

''its okay.Nick is a complete ass,Draco and Julia are really my only Slytherin friends. Pansy is also a complete ass.''Jaden shrugged.

''not that bad. I can see why they put you in Slytherin. I was also supposed to be in Slytherin but I asked to be in Gryffindor and I guess I had the traits of One. You although,are perfect to be a Slytherin. Draco too. You are cunning,ambitious,clever. Draco too.''i reminded her and she grinned.

''I suppose. We better get asleep before uncle Vernon finds out we used magic outside school!''we both jumped in bed and fell asleep.

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