Chapter 6

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2 weeks later 🙃

We have been here for already two weeks and It was our last day here and I really didn't wanna go home but Alex had to go back to work. I instead was still on my break so didn't have to work. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Alex run to the toilet. He started throwing up so I got up fast and ran to him. I stood behind him and started drawing circles on his back. He got up and looked really sick."are you alright?" I asked as I put my hand on his forehead. "I think it's because the alcohol" he told me. Last night we went out again but this time Alex got really drunk. "I'm never gonna drink again" he said making me laugh. I walked to the little kitchen and grabbed some aspirin and a glass water, Alex was brushing his teeth so I put it on the table and walked to Alex.

I wrapped my arm around him and he turned around. I gave him a big hug."I'm sorry perrie" he said with a raspy voice."where are you sorry about. "About getting sick and you having to take care of me" "hey You're sick that happens that isn't you're fault, and I don't care taking care of you cause I love you and I wanna take care of you cause I want you to get better" I told him. I saw he didn't know what to say so I gave him a big kiss. I took his hand and walked to the bedroom, I gave him the glass of water and the aspirin. I closed the curtains and put the tv on. He got in bed and I got in right beside him. He rested his head in the crook of my neck, I put my arm around him and not long after that he fell asleep.

An hour later I woke up and realized I also fell asleep, Alex and I where still laying in the same position, I kissed him and he slowly started waking up."hey, do you feel any better?" I asked him smiling. "Yeah I actually do feel alit better now, thank you" he said." "What do you think about just chilling today and going swimming or something?" I asked "only if you feel good for it tho" I added. "No it's fine I think that's a great way of spending our last day here". Alex said.

Perrie and I walked to the pool that was included in the resort. We put our stuff down and perrie went in the pool. I didn't feel that sick as I did this morning what was a good thing but I still was careful with what I ate. I was tanning when I felt someone splashing water all over me. I looked up and saw perrie looking at me, a second later another splash of water hit me. I got up and ran laughing to the pool I jumped in right next to perrie, "Alex! My hair!" she yelled "I said I didn't want to make my hair wet cause after it would look terrible" she said looking mad at me. I laughed. "You look cute when you're mad" I said still laughing. "Why are you laughing? This is not funny." She replied trying to fix her hair. "Well you shouldn't have slashed water at me" I said as I swam to her. As I swam to her she pulled me underwater. I got above and picked her up in bridal style walking out of the pool, she started giggling. "You shouldn't have done that" I told her as I got to the edge of the pool. "Alex I'm sorry" perrie said. "No no you should know the consequences if you're actions. "3...." I said as I swung her in my arms "2......" "no Alex please" "1!" At that Moment I threw her in the pool. She squealed a bit. And she got out of the warring trying to look at me but she failed and started laughing. "Okay enough for today I think let's go back to our cabin" I said as she grabbed her towel.

We got to our cabin and before I know it I get pushed against the door, perrie locks her lips with mine and we started making out we made out for about 5 minutes when perrie tugged at the hem of my shirt. She pulled my shirt over my head and did the same with her shirt se walked us over to the bathroom and I looked weird at her. She noticed and said. " we both need to take a shower and I mean why waisting water right?" I smiled and we might've have just waisted more water.

Before dinner me and Alex packed all of our stuff so that we could easily check out of our resort tomorrow morning. I checked if we had everything before going to the living room. "Okay I think we have everything let's go eat some dinner" I told him. He stood up and we walked to the restaurant admiring the view we had here at night. As we got to our table I saw that the waitress that was flirting with Alex was back, great! I thought to myself but didn't worry about it. After dinner me and Alex just sat there talking and I started to get really tired, Alex noticed. "Come on let's go back to our cabin. On the way back I saw that stupid waitress standing outside starring at us, Alex stopped walking and I looked at him " what's wrong did you forget something?" He didn't said anything instead he bend down so that I could jump on his back. I laughed and jumped, he turned around a couple times with me on his back. While I was laughing the waitress still stared at us it kinda freaked me out, before I knew it we were back at our cabin and got inside. Later me and Alex were lying in bed "do you like the girl from the restaurant?" I asked him. " what?" He said. "That waitress that was flirting with you,do you like her?" "No absolutely not" " where does that come from?" Alex asked. "The whole being She was starring at you and at us and it kinda freaked me out" I said kinda embarrassed. "I didn't noticed we staring cause I only have eyes for you" he said smiling. "Thank you Alex I'm sorry I asked" "hey that's okay if you would want it I don't mind reminding you of it everyday" I snuggled up to him and fell asleep almost immediately after that.

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