Chapter One

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Parties were very much the social normality of upper class, elite pureblood families

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Parties were very much the social normality of upper class, elite pureblood families. It was a very tight knit community of only a select few families devout enough to the supremacist beliefs. And of course where there were rich wizards, there were extravagant parties.

This was certainly behind the question as to why Esmerelda Avery was sat on a cold stone step outside the Lestrange home, staring out into the dark night. Consumed by shadows, the garden was unidentifiable, leaving Esmerelda alone with her thoughts.
Inside the Lestrange home, behind the door, was a wondrous party. The faint hum of music and occasional buzz of laughter would draw Esmeralda back to reality - reminding her of where she was.

The anniversary of Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange's marriage.
A peculiar pair to say the least. There was no affection between them even though both of their families acted otherwise. The partnership was purely to keep pureblood running and avoid inbreeding. Despite no love in the relationship, that didn't mean both families didn't insist on covering this up with the most lavish party of the year.

Many of the scared twenty-eight families had been invited (of course only the non-traitorous ones). Nobody other than purebloods and house elves had stepped foot on the grounds in many, many years. A time where mudbloods would have been here, was a time thoroughly ignored.

Behind Esmerelda the patio door opened, allowing the sound of music and small talk to burst out of the house and into the night. She didn't glance over her shoulder to see who had walked out until they spoke from behind her.

"What are you doing?"

Esmerelda turned to see Regulus Black, of all people, leaning against the door frame with his arms folded as he looked down at her.

"Actually speaking to me now? That's a first." She rolled her eyes before turning back around.
"Don't make it seem like coming out here was my choice. Your parents practically forced me to come and check on you." He retorted.
Esmeralda scoffed, "Like they care either. You haven't spoken to me in nearly four years."
Regulus shook his head and looked at the girl with an expression of almost sadness, though Esmeralda didn't see this.
"Fine." He replied shortly, closing the door behind him once again as he made a quick exit.

She wasn't quite sure how long she spent sat out in the night, thinking and staring, before a small crack beside her almost caused the girl to shriek. Esmeralda fell back on her hands, panting and feeling the blood drain from her face as she turned to see a rather crooked house elf stood before her.
Of course she recognised this house elf all too well.

"Kreacher?" Esmeralda squinted as she sat back upright.
"Mistress sent Kreacher to invite Miss Avery back into the party." Kreacher spoke with a tentative tone.

Esmeralda sighed, her facial expression softening as she looked up at the creature. She vividly remembered the years where she would visit the Black family home and Kreacher would always bring her three chocolate biscuits as they were her favourite. Now Kreacher looked at her almost fearfully. Not that this was entirely Esmeralda's fault.

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