Chapter 1

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It seems to rain every night here.

Beau sat in the chair that looked out the window, leaning on the desk that was directly in front of him. He lazily watched the water splatter on the window and slowly slide down the glass, seeing it as a race in his own mind as to which droplet would make it to the bottom of the window first. Beau watched the puddles of water that formed on the sidewalk outside the front of the house, and the rivers of water that flowed down the edges of the street, seemingly endless. The street lights were just starting to flick on, one by one. The sun had set only a few minutes ago, but the sky was so cloudy that only long shadows could be seen either around the street lights or in quick bursts whenever there was a lightning strike.

The room that Beau was sitting in was warm and dry compared to being outside, even if the room was a bit on the cramped side. Besides the desk there were two bunk beds and a dresser in the room that Beau shared with three other boys. He could hear some of the other boys that lived in the house playing some kind of game in the next room over , which was one of the two living rooms that were in the house. Beau had thought about playing with some of the other boys earlier, but they just seemed to ignore him or push him away whenever he had tried.

This crowded house was the only place that Beau had known to call home. He never knew his parents or if they were even alive, the lady who takes can of everyone here had told him that she had found him in a cardboard box next to a dumpster when he was just a baby. She had skipped over some of the gorier back then but had told him that that was the reason why he had the scar going through his left eye. Whatever had happened back than was also why he couldn't really see out of that eye either. It made him the target of ridicule both at the house and at the grade school that he went to during the week.

Beau sighed and continued to watch the rain pour down and watch everything be washed away in the rain. A clean slate. He wanted to go out and run around in the rain and play with some of the other kids, but none of them had the same fascination for the rain that Beau had. Though it was cold, he thought that it was beautiful and strange.

Beau's head shot towards the door of the bedroom when he heard a loud crash that sounded like it had came from just down the hall. He got up from his chair and quickly walked over towards the door to see what was going on in the hallway. Beau peeked his head out into the hall and saw that a couple of the other boys were dressed in capes with fake fangs, that didn't really fit, in their mouths.

Beau just shook his head and turned back around to go back into the room when he was caught by the collar of his shirt and was dragged back out into the hallway. Beau let out a little squeak in surprise as he stumbled backwards, coughing as the front of his shirt pulled uncomfortably tight around his neck. When the person had let go of Beau's shirt, he was finally able to turn around and see who had decided to roughly drag him back out into the hallway. Beau swallowed hard but stood his ground knowing what was going to come next would only be worse if he showed fear.

"Well hello there Ghosty," said Kyle, one of the older kids that was sent to the home after his parents were arrested. He always liked to pick on Beau because of what he looked like, since Beau was born an albino and had that nasty scar going through his eye. "What are you doing out of the room?"

"I just wanted to see what all of the commotion was about," Beau replied calmly as he felt his heart start to beat faster. Kyle was about a foot taller than Beau and about three years older than he was. His father and mother had been arrested for something to do with drugs and battery, or something like that. Though Beau wasn't sure what either of those meant he just knew that Kyle was very mean to him because of it. "I was headed back in when you had grabbed me."

"No you weren't, I know what you were thinking," Kyle sneered as he poked Beau hard in the chest with a thick finger. "You know that we don't want anything to do with a weird ghost looking scar faced kid like you, so don't even think about coming out of there again just to 'see what's going on' or I will knock you right back in there myself."

Kyle gave Beau a shove backwards so that he stumbled backwards into the room and landed on his butt on the hardwood floor, with Kyle slamming the door directly behind him. He heard the lady yell from downstairs for Kyle to stop slamming the doors, with Kyle replying with a meek sorry. Kyle and other boys were always a lot nicer to the lady that took care of us, but she was nice to everyone that came and went from this place. She did have a bit of a soft spot for Beau though since she had found him when he was an infant.

Beau got up from the floor and rubbed at the sore spot on his butt before walking over to the bottom bunk of a bed that he had claimed as his. He had been put into foster care and almost adopted a couple of times, but each time fell through. Now that Beau was 12, fewer and fewer people were coming around to look at him. He was starting to feel hopeless that that would ever happen, but there was always this small hope in the back of his mind that his real parents would find him one day or that someone would want him.

Beau laid back on the bed and stared up at the top bunk as he listened to sound of the rain, and tried not to think about the sounds of the other boys playing together just down the hall. Kyle's words did sting as Beau lay in the bedroom by himself, all the other boys thought that he looked pretty weird and even a bit scary because of his skin tone, scars, and the odd colour of his eyes. Beau wasn't sure which was worse though, the ridicule that he got at his house or the ridicule that he would be getting at school the next day, and had been since he had started school.

Beau reached underneath his pillow and pulled out a hackie sac, and he began to toss it up in air as he let his mind wander to anywhere else but where he was. He thought about how ridiculous the other boys were being for playacting as vampires. Those creatures were fake and just a bunch of scary stories to keep the other kids to behave, they could never really exist, could they?

Beau caught the sac and held it for a moment as the thought crossed his mind, and for a moment he had the very distinct feeling that he was being watched. Beau sat up on the bed and looked around the room suspiciously but shrugged to himself and laid back down when he didn't see anything. Resuming throwing the hackie sac into the air and then catching it again as he day dreamed.

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