guess who

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Master splinter wants to see if you can guess which turtle is which so he put made them all wear black mask and switched there weapons. He even made them stand behind the couch so that they could all be the same height. None of them were allowed to talk.


I was meeting up with leo in his lair and i thought i saw him but suddenly there were 4 leos. I looked around confused and wondering if there was something i forgot. Master splinter walked around the boys and tapped each of them.

"Can you guess which one is which."

I pointed to the ones that i knew was leo and made my way down pointing to raph and donnie and so on.

"Okay now guys reveal who is who."

They put on there right mask and the height was making it easier to tell who is who. Leo ran up to me and picked me up, swinging me around the air.
"You guessed right."

"I think i would know my boyfriend from his brothers."

"I love you."
"I love you so much that you should put me down."

"Sorry. I just thought you wouldn't be able to tell."
"Leo i forget a lot of stuff but you're the one thing i won't forget."

"How did you know who was who."
"Outline of your faces but not remembering the faces."
He gave you a quick kiss making you laugh.


I entered the room to see everyone standing in a line.

"What's going on."

Everyone looked to master splinter for an answer.

"Simple. Guess who is who."

"Hmmm. wait its really hot in here."

You took off your shirt revealing a tank top and you could tell by each reaction who was who. Donnie looked away while covering his face. Leo looked away and blushed, miley wasn't even thinking about anything so he just kept smiling and raph well he was into it. Raph smirked at me so i knew who was who and pointed it out. Raph walked up to me and kissed my chest.

"You always did know me."
"I just know you just like staring."

"Know me so well."
He gave you a quick kissed on the lips while everyone did a playful groan of disgust.


I was climbing down the ladder and on the last few steps i jumped down into the sewer water. I made my way to the hide out and saw 4 donnies.

"Okay what's going on."
"I want you to guess which of my son is which."
"That one's donnie, mikey and that about all i got. Actually that one leo and that one's raph."
"They revealed who was who and i only got leo and raph wrong."
"How did you guess which one was me and miky."
"Who else has a chipped tooth or has a lot of freckles. Raph and leo just don't have any physical traits that stand out."
"As long as you know me i'm okay with that."
He kissed me on the nose causing a little giggle to form.

"Love to stay and talk but i think leo and raph are about to chase me."

I started running around the lair as raph and leo started chasing me.


I was making my way down to the hideout when i was really weirded out by seeing 4 mikey's.

"So um hi."
"Can you guess which son is which."
I got mikey but thats bout it.

"Guess my dear."
"Lets see. This one's raph, leo, donnie."
"You got everyone wrong except mikey."

Mikey ran up to me and spinned me around. Gently putting me down and placing a soft kiss on me.

"I mean i mostly hang out with mikey so i would hope i know him."
"Guess we get to hang out with you now."
The three brothers took me and we started going upside.

"Gotta catch her then."Mikey chased after us but he wasn't able to catch up to me for almost 30 minutes. 

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